The escort was made up of six destroyers, four corvettes, three minesweepers, four trawlers, two anti-aircraft ships and two submarines. It suffered its first air attack, by nine torpedo aircraft, later the same day. When the order to scatter the convoy was received, it had covered more than half of its route and lost three ships. British intelligence in the Second World War: Brangvin 8 episodes Valeriy Velichko We laid our course to the north toward the Russian ports. Only the frozen sailors remained in the half-submerged boats; temperature overboard was no more than degrees, a long stay in water led to a lethal outcome.

Edit Details Official Sites: Winston Churchil 8 episodes. In December the Arctic Star medal was created and on 19 March the first medals were presented to approximately 40 veterans , in London. Oxford University Press US. A story of a ship. At least sixteen officers and men of the Merchant Navy were honoured for gallantry or distinguished service for the actions in the convoy. Owing to threat from surface ships, convoy is to disperse and proceed to Russian ports.

From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Russian veterans of the polar convoys, beside klnvoy American, British and Canadian colleagues from the allied bloc, also invited on the expedition former Colonel Luftwaffe Haio Herrmann, one of the most high-ranking and influential Air Force officers of the Third Reich. Winston Churchil 8 episodes Sergey Plyoskin From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Public Record Office War Histories ed. It’s a burning question that’s on literally nobody’s mind, and we The order to scatter was only used under immediate threat of surface attack.

Sasha 8 episodes Sergey Tsepov The original British version of the quiz show that’s become a worldwide hit. Pages containing London Gazette template with parameter supp set to y. A Study of Intelligence and Decision-Making. Toy Stories TV Series Katya 8 episodes Aleksey Devotchenko Dudley Pound 8 episodes Andrey Merzlikin Golovko 8 episodes Olga Lukasheva However, since the Soviets did not have enough ships for the quantities of aid being sent by the Western allies to the Soviet Union, British and American ships began to constitute an increasing proportion of the convoy traffic.


Alexander Sorokin himself and a geophysicist and a famous bard Alexander Gorodnitsky his film version will also be shown at the Presidential Library. Share this Rating Title: Broomepreferred to stay in the low visibility on the original route, and to make ground to the eastward.

Though Denning couldn’t answer if she was still anchored there he did explain that his sources would have confirmed if the ship had or was about to put to sea at that time. Start your free trial.

PQ An Arctic Convoy Disaster (TV Movie ) – IMDb

And our movie is an uncompromising rejection of any wars as a way of solving geopolitical problems. Mkvie Cast and Crew. American Merchant Marine Museum. Full Cast and Crew.

Konvoy PQ (TV Mini-Series – ) – IMDb

The mission of the konvoj was to search for the ships and the vessels from the infamous Convoy PQ, which were sent to the bottom by the Germans during the Second World War. World War II movies. Arctic naval operations of World War II. Another, SS Exfordturned back after sustaining ice damage.

Use the HTML below. Morozov 8 episodes Viktor Solovyov The remaining escort withdrew into the Arctic Ocean on 9 July but the merchant ships suffered no more that day. By the spring oftwelve more convoys had made the passage with the loss of only one out of ships. I’m in the South of France. People did not have the strength to pump out the incoming water.

Edit Cast Series cast summary: Retrieved 2 January J Broomeand included six destroyers, 11 corvettesminesweepers or armed trawlers and two anti-aircraft auxiliaries. Pq–17, all the convoy kknvoy bound for Arkhangelsk, because recent heavy air raids had destroyed most of Murmansk.


Admiral Hamilton, Commander Broome and Commodore Dowding took these signals to indicate an attack by Tirpitz was imminent. The northern route was a shortest about 2, miles and most convenient: Detailed instructions in each ship’s signal book laid down the actions that were to be taken by each ship on movle of this order.

Submarine warfare Intensified submarine warfare Unrestricted submarine warfare. Edit Cast Complete credited cast: This would place Victorious within air striking range of the convoy on the morning of 4 July.

PQ 17: An Arctic Convoy Disaster

Unbeknownst to the escort and convoy commanders, Tirpitz and its battlegroup was not actually advancing the convoy or in the vicinity. Pound angrily admitted that PQ 17 was scattered by his personal order while Maisky stated that “even British oknvoy make mistakes”. As the close escort and the covering cruiser forces withdrew westward to intercept the presumed German raiders, the individual merchant ships were left without their escorting destroyers.

The operation was repeated on 1 July, again without success. The earlier cruiser movement did not influence the tactical situation but in light of later knowledge, the decision was deemed precipitate.

PQ17 An Arctic Convoy Disaster

Tirpitz had left Trondheim on July 2 to the port of Altenfjord to join up with friendly ships before setting off to attack the convoy. In view of PQ 17, the Admiralty proposed to suspend the Arctic convoys at least until the ice receded and perpetual daylight passed. By using this site, you agree to movi Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An Arctic Convoy Disaster ” on Amazon.

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