So Gae assures them his plan is solid. Bo Hyun is livid that So Gae went to the Government official directly. You were too nice. JH does what he can to elevate the script but even he cannot solve poor plot choices. It must suck dying knowing the woman that killed you has a major obsession about your husband. So Sa, what can I say?

Mae Wol tells her men to make haste as they leave. Then would the chemistry increase between our core couple? While they had a soft vibe there was not a sense of passion. The Government official is thrilled. The merchants leave happy. I liked that he called her Gae Dong in the heat of the moment, reverting to their former friendship. What can I say after 31 episodes, they had lovely journey. Could another actress brought more zest to an essentially wimpy bland character?

They decides to celebrate with a delicious meal.

The Merchant: Gaekju 2015 Episode 32

He grabs his head. His assistant asks if people will find it strange that his wife is absent. His plan came together.

So Sa is alone in the room with the real snake, Mae Wol. Mae Wol tells the Head Merchant his time of power is gone. Appreciate the clarification on who Bong Sam was calling for. The Head Merchant is weak but functional.


He tells the Head Merchant to step aside. How did he know? Man Chi mercnant her.

The Merchant Gaekju Episode 30 Recap | amusings

Her assistant arrives stating people from the stable have arrived. How about the mouth? Bo Hyun declares So Gae will die. Mae Wol offers the poisoned drink. Mae Wol believes there is no other option.

Bong Sam calls for So Gae. So Gae and Mae Wol sit in silence. He extracts the poison and spits it out. She drove me crazy along with Bong Sam and his friends. He calls for So Gae. Bong Sam approaches him. Wol offers the baby.

The Head Merchant declares the baby mdrchant his. Maybe another actress would have been better, but maybe the part should have been written a little differently. They excelled at tender moments. She tells them So Sa is dying and now. The Government office leaves the meeting. The Head Merchant loves the idea! So Sa tells him to stop deceiving himself. Gol Dae sees the snake.


Yes, JH was scary good in that scene! The rug is pulled out from under the Head Merchant. So Gae claims it is a misunderstanding. So Sa drinks the poisoned drink. He raises the ax! The Head Merchant leaves the room. Bo Hyun declares another man fathered the baby. Reblogged this on Stuck on Hyuk. The men realize So Sa has been bitten.

Notify me of new posts via email. He asks her to come back later. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Government gave a vote of no confidence.

The Merchant: Gaekju ()

He declares the baby is the heir apparent. How can I steal that baby and not get caught?

Mae Wol takes the poison. So Sa, what can I say? The writer has not been kind to yhe primary female characters.

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