This series is just a hot smutty mess and made me want to scream at the characters for making such stupid decisions. Ehhhh, I suppose so. But, even if that’s nice at first, it ends up feeling like they’re more about how it feels good than expressing their love for each other, feels really emotionless, like plain porn. So much drama is present, so if you hate stories that are filled with that type of content than you might want to skip this one. The offenses occurred in December and at St Daisuke Ono Complete Listings items. The art is beautiful and very well detailed. Kuroneko Kareshi no afure kata 1 Dear Plus Comics.

The art is beautiful and very well detailed. Yui Horie Complete Listings items. It’s really repetitive and the sex gets repetitive too, it’s just rough and begging most of the time. Yea I get it, the art was good. Then again, I could believe he was a vampire Gotta admit, this was a good yaoi.

Last updated on December 20th,5: And the art doesn’t seem that stunning to me.

No casualties or damage. Login to add items to your list, keep track of your progress, and rate series! Spoiler mouse over to view. This is basically very good porn.

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Experts are baffled as to how an metre long humpback whale ended up dead in the Amazon jungle Everything is too warm, too fast and too hot for me. But it’s, yaoi’s smut is so much better than straight, even if I love straight mangas. If the person can smell a strong scent coming off their loved one, it shows trust and love. Visit your “Email Preference” page.

After 10 days of antibiotics and nasal saline irrigation, the man made a full recovery and reported no further symptoms The power of angels You left at my door I wrapped it up In tinfoil And hastened away Towards hills Begging for someone to give me a sign But my heart wrapped in silver Could cry any louder Hello, the silver hearts That you cannot remark Go on, go on You shall never know You shall ever be.


An interesting setting, good characters, wonderful art, and amazing smut. Oh, and someone likened this to Sex Pistols Falling for Shingo because he was overwhelmed by his strong masculine aura is the No.

Stunning humpback whales in the wild. Waaaahhhh, I absolutely love the way the characters were drawn!

Ehhhh, I suppose so. You must be logged in to update information on this page. Subscribe requires kuroneo enabled. Kuroneko Kareshi no afure kata 3 Dear Plus Comics. To be honest, I’ve seen better.

Oh and how i love the humour in this manga. This series is just a hot smutty mess and made me want to scream at the characters for making such stupid decisions.

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Anyway, let me inform you that I don’t like furries. I loved the supernatural factor that the mangaka added to this. Really good but too much sex. But the plot wasn’t forgivable. Narrow by Category 8.

Overall the story is still amazing and I love the characters and how much they love each other, but the mangaka seriously needs to show them resolve things WITHOUT sex being involved! Daisuke Ono Complete Listings items. If the smut was good enough to maintain a certain interest in the series, that’d have been good. Why is everyone loving it? Finished this manga three years ago and i don’t know why i never wrote a comment. Kana Hanazawa Complete Listings items.

I remember Sex Pistols as a manga that is mainly comedy-based whereas Kuroneko Kareshi seems largely smut-driven. The sex is great, don’t get me wrong, but after you marathon the entire story of Shingo and Kakami including all the sequels in one sitting, like I just did, all the sex tends to blur together and it doesn’t seem as hot anymore because it’s all repetitive.


So kakami puts up a cold and aggressive front to hide his true feelings of hurt and sadness. There could have been so much more depth and development to this manga, it really is a shame. Drqma I’ve been very disappointed myself and would have liked to know beforehand, I think others might appreciate knowing this.

After suffering from a blocked kudoneko runny nose for over two years, a man discovered his cold-like symptoms were actually the result of something scarcely ever seen by medical professionals A year-old fugitive monkey has been reunited with her daughter at a Berlin zoo after being caught at a railway station in the German capital Try out our new iPhone application!

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Show all some hidden. I strongly hope for Sensei to realize this and offer us better mangas in the future. This is all in my personal perspective.

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But man, can this viscous cycle of emotions cause so many problems. Oh and yes, there is a shit ton of sex in this manga hence the smut tag.

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