The monk didn’t do something wrong IMO. Watch gu family book episode 9 online at dramanice. Sempet bingung itu siapa.. That behavior is of course encouraged by the fact that YW can read him like a book, and that she doesn’t beat around the bush when she sees that he does not seem to be doing well. The following gu family book episode 4 english sub has been released. Phantom of the Opera creepy.

In my part of the world, the same would apply. As for that part abt YW’s fate, I mean, she’s gonna die one day anyway, we all are! Kangchi had planned to come back when it was over if not for the monk’s words. Still, realizing in the last few ep. Look at all the amazing father figure relationships Kangchi has had with other people! Can I let you go in that time, Kang-chi-ya? He says that power and status can be reacquired later, but right now they have to kill the others to survive. This irks me no end!!

Althought short or long really comfort look. Dad runs in after hearing that she was hurt because of Kang-chi, but she swears it was just a scrape, and Kang-chi was busy fighting ninjas the whole time.

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Or are there some loopholes I don’t 22 about, and that SJ forgot to mention again Masing2 punya ciri khas dan gaya bercerita masing2. Where i can watch the 1st episode with eng sub pls. The following gu family book episode 22 english sub has been released.


Kutudrama gu family book eps 22 eng sub

Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. I liked the way thr parents’ story was managed and even, Wol Ryung’s goodbye to Kang Chi. I had completely forgotten about that.

What they can and cannot do? See u next ep.

kutudrama: Link Sinopsis Itazura na Kiss – LIT Episode 10

Three seconds later her eyes dart open and she pops up. Definitely a “What the Heck” moment sinopss, and now I understand why KDaddict said that the PD and probably the writer as well are not very tidy. Was it really necessary? It would’ve been nice if Wol-ryung had shown some more affection for his son.

Yeah, yeah, I know It was really sad, kutkdrama I’m satisfied. And considering how important he is in Korea’s history, why would anyone make him dumb? I also wonder if the PD is the only one to blame.

Sinopsis “Gu Family Book” All Episodes

In contrast to SW, who found out that she was pregnant with KC right after WR dies and carried KC in her womb for 9 months because she couldn’t abort him. Given the fact the only relationship they ever had was a very abusive one Bukan yeo wool yang menemani kang chi. Next week can’t come soon enough!

Gu family book season 1 watch online for free in hd quality with english subtitles.


KDRAMATIZED: [Link] Sinopsis Gu Family Book Episode 22 – Complete

I don’t know if that’s how people acted back then, but it’s not how they act in this show. What is the big deal about the Gu Family Book, anyhoot?

Tapi tetep kesemsem ma kang chi. It reminded me of the scene where YW took her knife out She was on top of KC to hurt him, only to realize that it was KC, once she opened her eyes. Jackeline June 18, at 8: Is he a good guy or a baddie? I hope this is some kind of fake-out and show has Yeo Wool slap him back to his senses because it’s been fairly good about common tropes until now.

Thanks for reading them, and to whoever attempts to answer one or more of them. He had already been killed once. Aku sempat mengobrol dengan Dee mengenai ending drama ini dan kurang lebih kami merasakan hal yang sama ; Berikut hal yang tidak kusukai dari endingnya: Blah June 21, at 9: N sinopsis dngn epsde trbayak yg pernah q baca.

KC has not been given a caveat or a loophole, so I think he is doing what he thinks is best for YW.

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