From there finish quests in every area they send you to and should be gaining levels not fast but sustainably quicker than normal since Season 1 – 2. Select Yes to decompose. I’m back and will continue to update as I go on gradually. The mobs were exceptionally dense for that generation. Great job doing that, but I would like to see some pvp changes. Infinity first arrived take a look here: I should get to that as well.

Sign In or Register to comment. It is only visible to you. Despite this, Expert coli was a good measure of progress in pve at this time in my opinion. They needed 5 SS5 coins, which were gotten from doing SS5 quests. I don’t remember if they still exist but you did used to be able to trade in pvp points for instant xp potions similar to dew drops of infinity , once for lols I started a char and only leveled them with pvp potions xD didn’t make it very far before I deleted the char for something else either soul breaker or card master. Select any of the decomposable items. As a veteran player, it’s too bad that so many areas are skipped, that the early games have 0 relevance, and that leveling is meaningless until like xD Overall the experience is the same once you get to now. Decomposing Easy and simple.

Where we grasp ideas on how to level quickly or just those who just want an idea on just getting some more exp for their characters. If you want comment down below on what you think I should add to this guide. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.

Latale 10 years later, then and now

latalr Sign In or Register to comment. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. The mobs were exceptionally dense for that generation. Later, we’d get 4th jobs, and eventually Monster Diner. S1 is where the majority of my play time resided so I’ll comment on that April somewhere in Way back when I first started, this was both frustrating but also cool, since you’d have to find new level appropriate grind spots each time. Veronica Dec 2, 8: I don’t mind constructive feedback and when I mean questing line I mean as in where you would go looking for more quests.


My personal experience was I personally enjoyed 3rd job quests. Instead of farming hyu or sphinx for level appropriate gear and grinding in Coli, you farm all sorts of dungeons for gear, and grind sky coli xD so can’t be too upset.

Crafting has also received a big change after the Season 3: We might need a feedback thread if that even does anything. Attack from a distance with High Master’s skills and support your party with attack buffs. Card Masters are a class larale magicians who utilize magical cards’ power to attack enemies in a brilliant fashion.

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Eventually, we’d get Legend updates, but by this time, I wasn’t playing very frequently any more. Inwe’d get the server relocation, and with it, a short burst in the amount of players playing. People now give up cause they die twice in an area or something, back then, dying was simply accepted as something that happens, you pick yourself up and get right back to it. Attack more up close and afar with a little more adequate damage than High Master as Battle Master.

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And if you are wondering I will also be adding the rates at which the soul steal is effective. With my main, lv Dragoon, i could still get very unlucky and die from classes stunlocked by a bunch of lv kobolds, as i had 9k hp and one shot from them hit for 1k, Even with the high miss rates.


This item will only classws visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Will hope you enjoy when its released and hope that I provide a good service to everyone. But still indeed when you do each class has their own soul steal set from each other.

Mostly as a result of the dodging aspect. They were time consuming and expensive What was once one of the hardest dungeons for non Maestro or Ruin Walker classes, would become a walk in the park. Please lataale the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within La Tale. This was honestly my larale part of the game and I was really sad when they first got dumbed down in S2 and removed altogether in S3: You need to sign in or create an account to do that.

The amount in which you get is random, but you do get more or higher tiered shards the better the weapon. It took 12 days of nonstop grinding to get a sorceror to lv 80, no lifing at that and some level ranges were unforgiving, such as lv or so when the only option was crabs, which hurt a LOT.

Terrilicious Alright thanks for that and I will also use that info as well. Solo grinding meant only mobbing up to monsters at a time.

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