Superintendent Spellman 1 episode, Salsa Dancer uncredited 1 episode, Conscience 3 episodes, McKaley Miller Dexter 4 episodes, Richard 1 episode, News Reporter 1 episode, International Fringe Girl uncredited 1 episode, Teen Wizard uncredited 1 episode,

News Reporter 1 episode, Dancer uncredited 1 episode, Jasmin Jandreau Bailey Pickett 1 episode, Square Dancer 1 episode, Carol 1 episode, Back at home, Jerry tells Alex that he fell for Maxine because she reminded him of Alex when she was little and they bond again. The Suite Life on Deck —

Synopsis With Max still a little girl, their parents pay more attention to Max Maxineand Alex becomes jealous. Older Woman 1 episode, Bette Rae Too fast for Maxine, Justin beats wavely, and Maxine is hurt physically.

Coach Penny 1 episode, Romanian Producer 1 episode, Stuffleby 2 episodes, The Duncan family are adjusting to the surprise birth of their fourth child, Charlie. New Conscience 1 episode, Dancer uncredited 1 episode, Samantha Koshak Tug of War guy uncredited 1 episode, Captain Jim Bob Sherwood 1 episode, Shakira Alien Language League Member uncredited 1 episode, Jeffrey 1 episode, Clarinda Ross Wendy Bott 1 episode, Sara Paxton Lucy 1 episode, Ghost Coach 2 uncredited 1 episode, Girl in the Red Beret uncredited 1 episode, Cheerleader Try Out uncredited 1 episode, Pedestrian uncredited 1 episode, Doug 1 episode, Willie Garson Maggie 1 episode, Frequently Asked Questions Q: Crouton Kid uncredited 1 episode, Alexander Wenger Lunch Lady 1 episode, Alfred 2 episodes, Wannabe 2 3 episodes, Zack Shada Game Show Host 1 episode, Eric Zuckerman Tyler 1 episode, Rodeo Dave uncredited 1 episode, Randy Blekitas Coach Gunderson 1 episode, Kelly 1 episode, Brian Elerding Crouton Kid uncredited 1 episode, Luxor 1 episode, George 1 episode, Ring of Fire 2 episodes, Dan Schmit Girl 1 episode, James Giordano While visiting Tuscany, Italy, a young wizard accidentally creates an evil version of herself.


Jerry and Theresa rush to her side, caring for Maxine more than they care that Justin beat Maxine in karate.

Model 3 uncredited 1 episode, Lauren E. Soda Can Guy 1 episode, Joseph Porter Runway Model uncredited 1 episode, Katrina Gelfand When parents Amy and Bob return to work they put placd latest addition in the care of her three older siblings. Laritate 23 episodes, Bibi Rockford 1 episode, Miley Cyrus Alex Russo episodes, David Henrie Customer 1 episode, Carlo Manchini Cupid 1 episode, Vince Donvito Wannabe 1 3 episodes, Kelsey Sanders Dancing angel 1 episode, Amy Tolsky Student uncredited 1 episode, Greybeck 1 episode, Joe Wiebe Teen Wizard uncredited 1 episode, Cindy Van Heusen 2 episodes, Vanessa 1 episode, Fairy 1 episode, Superintendent Clanton 1 episode, Daryl Mitchell Warlock 1 episode, Kristina Hayes

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