Jackie worries about her feelings for Eli. On the other hand, Lena has returned home to Veron and the two reconnect. Monique is unaware that Fidel is watching her from his car. JB tells Jackie that a man named Eli Davide helped him. Jackie and Fidel confront each other. Truth be told, Jackie’s equally crushed with her decision to annul his marriage with Eli. The young woman gives him a resounding slap and storms off. Celine fumes over JB’s attitude.

When the shooting victim falls, mortally wounded, into a nearby river, the baby he is carrying floats away in a basin. Jackie gives herself a pep talk. The latter is so grateful to them that he agrees to pray over Celine there and then. Celine ignores JB’s many calls as she spends her day with Kevin Romero. Yes No Report this. Gloria visits the company, reminds everyone of her controlling interest, then demands that Eli be given a position.

Mateo saw her and he dragged her out of the restaurant to go back home. Jackie and JB fight over dinner. A shocked Eli finds Jackie at home with Dadoods.

Eli struggles with Jackie’s fervent wish to ‘renew’ their marriage vows. Eli overhears plans for a crime.

Episode #1.129

He then found a job as a singer in a beach bar owned by Amang, whose right hand was disfigured. Soon, Mateo walked inside the same restaurant and chatted with Daniel until Corazon arrived. Whoever You May Be: Corazon interrupts a moment of fun between JB and Celine. The whole confrontation irks Jackie so she begs Corazon to show more compassion on her cousin for JB’s sake. Celine tells Corazon to drop the fake tears.


Celine is a strong girl who mxging every trial in her life head on. Eli learns Jackie plans to go back to the barrio. When she was going back home, Tomas caught her and dragged her into his car. Celine receives flowers from JB. Corazon shared moments with Mateo. Fidel can’t say no to Jackie.

JB is worried sick for Celine and he gets in a row with Corazon because of it. JB reprimands Jackie for her behavior. After helping her do a makeover, Corazon also manipulates JB into bringing Onay home one night. Eli’s panic subsides when he realizes Jackie remembers nothing.

“Te amo: Maging sino ka man” Episode # (TV Episode ) – IMDb

Eli visits Celine at her home as Jackie enters the room. JB advises Brian to stay away from Celine. Fidel warns Eli to snio away. Eli calls Pong and asks him to look for Jackie while he makes his way to Manila.


Maging Sino Ka Man Episode 129

Corazon apologizes to Mamu G. Celine sets up dinner with JB and Jackie. However, everyone around her seems to be stressed over their own issues. Lena is forced to defy Veron though for she desperately wants to stop their plans of revenge.

Jackie sets up her stall at the town market. Eepisode and Kevin come to blows at the beach. When she returned home, she found that Lena had broken the window and took her things.

Mang Simo tells Eli that fate is keeping him and Jackie together. Audible Download Audio Books.

Jackie remembers Eli’s birthday and decides to go to the market alone. But instead of revealing the extent of cruelty Fidel has done to Mateo, Eli keeps the whole truth from Jackie to avoid causing her more pain. Celine berates herself for even thinking JB might love her.

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