It is a nice split that I would recommend you to listen and enjoy. The music’s greatest strength is its arrangement of sound; you will likely not find a moment here that feels undercooked and lacking depth in sound. This is perhaps unfair though, for Leicester – with the likes of Maybeshewill, Her Name Is Calla, Kyte and Minnaars – has tapped a seam of rather excellent bands in the last few years. It builds texturally throwing drum machines, synths and drums into the mix before eventually changing tone slightly. In its three-and-a-half minute running time it moves between soaring guitars, dirty-sounding bass riffs, pretty-sounding piano riffs and spiky riffs. Small work for genre’s maniacs.

He Films the Clouds, Pt. The album was chosen by Radio 1 D. The Daily Guide weekday picks sent every day at 4pm for the next day Thank you, your preferences have been saved. I like this song a lot because it captures the essence of the band, but also the essence of the post rock as a genre, so it is easy to feel interested and excited about it. If you’re looking for meaning, you won’t find any here. In some ways it is refreshing, in others it is somewhat disappointing; at the very least it is interesting.

I’ve only heard the Paris Hilton song.

Fans of 65daysofstatic will je much to like here, but they stand up in their own right as being a band worth taking notice of. And the long track is provided by Her Name is Calla, whose music is much softer and delicate, but also beautiful in some moments.

Sing Filsm Word Hope is better, but not by too much. Review by memowakeman Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator. They have turned their backs on their past and really, it is for the better. Twin guitars, bass and drums are all producing enough energy and sound, adding some heavy metal influenced sounds to their mid tempo simple, nostalgic, in some moments even aerial melodies.


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The album was entitled “Not for Want of Trying” and would go on to be released in May Another nice moment is the title track, featuring a sample of the infamous Howard Beale rant from the satirical movie Network, employed effectively within the track — treated as an instrument itself, the sound mayneshewill Beale’s speech rises to the boiling point just as the mix rises to its inevitable pr.2. The must-read London articles. He Films the Clouds, Pt. Review by Conor Fynes Prog Reviewer.

Londonist in your inbox Plan your day ahead or read the day’s London headlines with our daily emails. As the texture thins unexpectedly a choir-like gang vocal refrain enters. An example of this is on ” Small work for genre’s maniacs. Review by snobb Special Collaborator Honorary Collaborator.

In fact, this is likely where they get most of their unique sound, from all the emotion they put into the music.

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The music is average usual instrumental post-rock, but more of US standard. That sample from the film Network was also used on the foreword to the album Era of Diversion by Evol Intent.

The albums accessibility is both a positive thing and a negative. Maubeshewill coolest London events from our partners. Report a problem Something wrong with this article?

With post-rock bands running out of fresh and original ideas Maybeshewill are a breath of fresh air. Not for Want of Trying is an interesting album, a record that is unafraid to nod toward some of its most obvious influences, baring them amongst its bones whilst dressing its own skeleton with a new kind of skin — something that’s fresh, bold, and original.

However, for a debut album this is very, very good indeed and seems to indicate that Maybeshewill are capable of great things.


Fabrizio Paterlini ~ My piano, the clouds

Post-rock is a genre that many, this reviewer included, closely associate with py.2 displays of emotion. The Daily Guide weekday picks sent every day at 4pm for the next day Thank you, your preferences have been saved. It relents halfway through, offering the opposite- gorgeous strings and piano.

All through the album, brilliant soundscapes grace your ears along with some emotional playing from the band and man are they intense when they play. Copyright Prog Archives, All rights reserved. Being that the band manages to get this across merely with their instruments, this is quite impressive, and the band’s third album may be their best yet.

And as you can imagine, the intensity returns later and they add spoken words as background, creating that inherent emotional sound. Somehow not heard much of these guys.

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While it does not stand out in terms of originality, what Maybeshewill have done with post rock here is really excellent, and maybesnewill an album that only grows with the emotional commitment the listener puts into it, I can certainly say I am impressed. Jayree September 21st 6 Comments. For all the anger shown, it is perhaps the more orchestral or tender moments which make the band special.

About Album description Following on from their debut EP, released on their own Robot Maybeahewill Home label, Leicester-based instrumental post-rock quartet Maybeshewill give us their debut full-length, Not for Want of Trying.

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