Media Video Audio Photos. Here they are in the annual report of Norway’s gambling monopoly, Norsk Tipping. Far better that, in my opinion, than giving a state regulator like ACMA authority over newspapers and bloggers. Posted September 28, Mon 7 May , The Media Watch segment had attacked The Daily Telegraph , saying it was running “blatantly one-sided” coverage. But it did support his claim that Media Watch had failed to offer him the right of reply.

And tonight a closer look at some of the issues thrown up by the media inquiry announced by Communications Minister Stephen Conroy last week. Most Popular The property market is flooded with houses — , of them Guilty: It admitted that it never tried to contact the newspaper or the reporter before its program went to air on September 19, The authority said that under 5. Norsk Tipping itself thinks that, overall, the survey proves the opposite to what the Tele reported. It’s an opinion we share. The Australian media happily helping Kim Kardashian to publicise a questionable product for the sake of getting an interview.

If there’s something you think breaches the rules of good journalism, can you complain to the Press Council? Beware a politician tackling media bias and distortion through regulation. Follow the National Times on Twitter.

Media regulator slaps ABC

Read the ACMA’s press release here. Technology is no excuse to restrict the free press — The Australian, 15th September, Ironically, the segment — aired on September 19, — was accusing Sydney tabloid newspaper The Daily Telegraph of not giving fair treatment to both sides of a story.

Had Probyn made his comment on a chat show like Insiders, or in a discussion on The Drum, he might have got away with it. Originally published as Media Watch found in breach of code. Video Player failed to load. If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. Free media answer to the public, not the state — The Age, 16th September, And over the years since then, Media Watch has accepted that sometimes what it does is simple criticism, sometimes it’s closer to investigative journalism.


ACMA is a statutory regulator, funded by the state, and empowered by law to oversee broadcasters who are licensed to use the public airwaves.

One regulator to rule them all …

Breaking news Australia’s most senior Catholic, Cardinal George Pell, has been convicted of sexually abusing two choirboys in when he was archbishop of Melbourne.

Bianca Hall Facebook Twitter Email. I mean, if there’s someone who’s played a more destructive role in national life over the journey, than Tony Abbott I’d struggle to know who he is The campaign that they’ve been running against the government has been blatant, it breaches its own journalistic ethics of News Limited – and I have them here Mon 7 May If you think something on radio or TV is inaccurate, or unfair, or in some other way breaches the Codes of Practice that govern broadcasters, you complain in the first instance to the radio station or TV Channel.

It’s not ah a ah Four Corners program where you’ve got to have the for and against. And on page two, over its news report about the announcement of the inquiry, it had this strap The media regulator bbreached rejected Media Watch’s defence that, in ACMA’s words, it was “not obligated to offer the opportunity to respond to the presenter’s opinion and that to create such an obligation would unduly constrain breaxhed enquiry or artistic expression”.

It shouldn’t have been.

Statement in ABC News breaches impartiality rules | ACMA

George Pell’s victim responds to the cardinal’s conviction Sydney stadium gets stay of execution after court ruling Van carrying load of e-scooters crashes in Adelaide CBD.

Well, I don’t agree. So much of the news and opinion on the web – whether it’s in words, or sounds, or pictures – isn’t overseen by any outside umpire.

So why didn’t the ABC accept his complaint as valid a year ago? It’s a question of how much and it’s a question of whether they have any role in appointing people, and we don’t support that at all.

By music and pop culture reporter Paul Donoughue. Rolling coverage of the George Pell court decision. She has previously worked in the Canberra bureau as immigration correspondent, Sunday political correspondent and deputy editor.


That doesn’t mean to the exclusion of some role for a government authority necessarily, but the main regulator should be the independent council. But Media Watch argued – and the ABC agreed – that I was commenting on what was actually published – and that we weren’t obliged to offer a right of reply to that opinion.

Media Watch breached the ABC code of practice, ACMA finds

But – and there’s an undeniable irony here – it ruled that in judging that The Telegraph and Andrew Clennell had breached News Ltd’s code of conduct, without giving them the opportunity to respond, Media Watch breached the ABC’s Code of Practicewhich says this:.

If this tells us anything, it’s that Malcolm Turnbull can’t wach anything to appease Tony Abbott on climate action. And the Tele is getting more blatantly one-sided as the government’s poll figures slide. But nothing wrong with the story so far, according to the regulator. The authority says the ABC accma to acknowledge the breach and add an appropriate clarification to its online transcript of the episode.

That means it isn’t covered by the codes of practice that regulate broadcast journalism. It’s an opinion we share. How George Pell reacted when police put abuse claims to him Cardinal’s child abuse conviction creates ‘unprecedented’ crisis for Vatican ‘Everything he has put in place on this issue should be torn down’ The crazy brave ideas to save the world from global warming NRA under fire over Nancy Pelosi ‘Target Practice’ headline Government contacts Facebook over mysterious political ads Bodies of two boys, 3 and 5, found in Townsville river after desperate search Brisbane Archbishop investigated over handling of child abuse allegations Analysis: Try always to medja all sides of the story in any kind of dispute.

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