Taufeeq receives the letter when he was about to leave for US with his wife Almas and son Sahir for his admission to an American university. Also need to catch up with Pehchaan, been so crazy lately! Oh, and on that note, as if it is not bad enough ke the novel is alreay out and pdfs are easily available online, the Urdu 1 website also has a handy english synopsis of the whole novella. You know what i meant…why does every bechari have to be living in interior Sindh. I want to see Angan Terha now.. So glad to see this new lot of trained actors..

Uff what a relief! Have only seen him act in Dastaan though but have seen him enough on TV otehrwise yes, i remember the Humsafar show: As I noted in my review, the reason why I waited till 5 eps before writing was that I had tried the first ep when it aired and found it very long drawn out and very very Humsafar like. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I like her character so far. But, yes absolutely, I agree with you Farhat and Adnan are the two reasons I continued past the very disappointing first two eps … Like Like. Its the same look, same hairstyle and till now same majboor girl with a low self-esteem. And yes, with you ladies!

Haider encourages her to take advanced studies of Finance and Economicsand grooms dist. Like i know what to expect in coming episodes and how scenes will buildup.

mere humdum mere dost episode 1 on urdu one –

The first episode and a half seemed like a dragged out version of the begining of Humsafar, and while Nazli Nasr is good she is no Saba Faisal.

Hareem Farooq is strong in dialogue delivery. Looking forward to their come back in next episode…. The last I remember of Q is her maachis or something along those lines show in which she used to be screaming and talking so loudly. I do think the role of the director is crucial here …even a cursory comparison of the way the flashbacks have been handled here and in MeJ makes the difference clear.


LOL…miss gaye landed two hot guys aur kashaf baji ko bhool gain. Hawww seriously everything… Why they are hell bent in ruining fun for ppl who havent read the novel.

The scenes esp in khi with the lead pair were handled nicely. Ive said this before, during Numm, and earlier on my SeZ reviews as well ke I was hard on MK during Humsafar, but after having watched Kanza and SJ I do have a whole diff take on new actresses and our expectations of them. Whats the verdict so far?

I could see farhats sensitivity shining through. Why does she always want to look like jamdam maasi. At least he doesnt have to try hard to come across as a stone faced, rigid man sorry! Learn how your comment data is processed.

Looking forward to their come back in next episode… Like Like. Ash ROFL the maasi look.

And yes, with you ladies! You are quite lucky then if u dont remember any particular scenes.

Views Read Edit View history. And now I am glad i stuck around: Because like you said it indeed takes away the fun.

Oh and yes, she is in Mausam as well… you gonna watch that kere Shamim Hilali made Bibi so loveable.

mere humdum mere dost episode 1 on urdu one

Mere Humdum, Mere Dost gar mujhe is ka yaqeen ho mere humdum, mere dost gar mujhe is ka yaqeen ho ke tere dil ki thakan teri aankhon ki udasi, tere seene ki jalan meri diljoee mere pyar se mit jaye gi gar mera harf-e tassali woh dava ho jis se ji uthe phir tera ujra hua be noor dimagh teri peshani se dhul jaein yeh tazleel ke daagh teri beemar jawani ko shifa ho jaey gar mujhe epiaode ka yaqeen ho, mre humdum, mere dost!


She has brains but she only lacks confidence, unlike her cousin R who had zero personality with no interest in life other than counting stars and collecting junk…Although SJ does struggle with her expressioni think because we see variation as well as some strength in her character I can feel for her Aiman.

As lousy as he appears, I kere he has quite a few shades to him.

Substance in the drama: Uff what a relief! LOL Junaid Khan is a specialist in these kinda roles, sadly though after MeJ, he kinda lost the plot and has gone from bad to worse, Here is a vdo of hi from his singer days.

Q are perfect taufeeq and Almas.

Mere Humdum Mere Dost Episode 1 Urdu1

So far so good. My companion, dosr friend is a Pakistani romantic drama series first aired on Urdu 1. SZ AK yes im liking Almas too. Ab here we have Farhat… Hajra ko tou ana tha na lol….

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