To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And I was glad that his mother finally gave him a piece of her mind. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Anyway he succeeded in knocking some sense in her. Sasural Ke Rang Anokhay. People in our society really do not care about the misery of the families, instead they like to scratch their wounds by asking cruel questions. Though we all knew that Ahad is selfish, his utter lack of shame for what he had done was astonishing.

She must have some problem with him and his family due to which she is yelling at them and about them all the time. Anyway he succeeded in knocking some sense in her. He cannot stop her from being a good, loving wife to his brother. Episode 11 as Jhalli [15]. What did he expect? It was also a happy family just before the reality was revealed.

But it is an indication that no matter how mellow and pleasant Ahmed is, he has an inner fear that Haniya might still have a soft corner for his brother. Finally, the long wedding day, which lasted for around 4 episodes, is over and Ahmed and Haniya started a new life together, albeit awkwardly.

Ahmed, being a level headed man, did not lash out at hamrabi like typical men though.

Mere Humrahi Episode 6 – Ahad Is Back! |

66 had several crying fits haamrahi the wedding but once she was taken out for nikkah, she fell quiet. The whole situation is as difficult for him as it is for her, yet he is trying his best not to express his misery.

I hope he stays that way. This is the latest accepted revisionreviewed on 7 February As for Ahad, he was his usual cry baby self, who kept on denying his fault and blamed others for making his life hell. Since he got his shiny new reputation, he has started to make life miserable for Haniya.


Fahad Mustafa made everyone of his scenes worth watching, his acting was perfect in every sense.

Life is another name of reality and most of the times reality breaks happiness and dreams. Shehzad sheikh really needs to work on his expressions; he had the same expression on his face when he was surprised, shocked and angry. Retrieved from ” https: To ensure that, his father has ordered him to start being responsible and start working with Ahmed.

But once again, her signature hysterics took over her merely because her husband paid her a compliment. She does need to move on with her life, no one can live in the past. As a result, he has drifted away from his family as well as his friends.

The story revolves around love and its complications, waiting for love becomes the root cause of heartache pain and suffering. She pushes him back whenever he tries to make the situation less awkward between them. Living people Pakistani female models Pakistani television actresses Pakistani television hosts 21st-century Pakistani actresses. Call me stupid, but I honestly did not see it coming and apparently neither did Haniya.

Mere humrahi episode 22

He is hopelessly in love jamrahi her. Alishba is a highly educated girl whose mother is greedy At long last, we got to see that adorable smile that has been rare in the last episodes. Second Pakistani film [5] [6].


Role of Safeena [17]. Mere Hamrahi – Topic 3 years ago. Elisode days when his presence in the house made her nervous and want to seek refuge in her room are long gone. She was surprised to see Ahmed smile after she confessed that jamrahi front of him.

Therefore now she has come up with a new demand: Mwre is thankful that Ahmed is her husband instead of his good-for-nothing brother. Samina and Ahsan are trying to fix their problems on the other hand. People in our society really do not care about the hqmrahi of the families, instead they like to scratch their wounds by asking cruel questions.

He also wants to restore his relationship with Ahad so everything would go back to normal. The bond they are building is not just based on love it is accompanied by mutual respect and trust, two very important components in any relationship. That the wedding would get cancelled and he can come back and ask her to marry him whenever he is ready?

Planning a family is private business of a couple and to share it casually and adding that it is a stupid demand…it is very demeaning.

She no more cares that Ahad lives in the same house. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources. Views Read Edit View history.

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