The girls decide to look after Dice after he complains about having to go with his mom and aunt to Puzzle-Con for the weekend. She tried to blame it on a fish. Retrieved November 21, You’ll see where I’m going with this in a second. Because my weird Aunt Ferjeen fell off a horse and fractured both of her arms! Retrieved March 20, She pooped in the lake. Meanwhile, Cat prepares to star in a play called Baberaham Lincoln where she portrays a British, female version of Abraham Lincoln.

Retrieved July 30, Uh, let me see here, uh Uh, first Oh no! Later, she paints Sam’s motorcycle pink, while Ruby paints Cat’s hand likewise. In the end, seeing how much it has affected Cat, Sam quits as Peezy’s assistant. And I gotta feed her at four. Afterward, Cat gets annoyed with Mr. Retrieved December 5,

TV by the Numbers.

Goomer’s mother comes to town, having no idea her son is an MMA fighter. Now your mom has no idea that you’re a fighter?

Afterward, Sam gets ready to leave, but Cat, not wanting to stay alone, asks her to stay. Ah, ya pile a’dope. And we’re still counting. MommaGoomer 10 Aug 7. They agree to do so, with conditions. Instead, Sam chooses to have Nona stay around for two more weeks episodr Cat sits in jail during that time.

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We’ll help ya figure out something. Drange returns and instructs them to take Clarice to a Del DeVille concert.

When Cat attempts a magic trick on Sam, and fails, Sam comes to the conclusion that Cat is not as smart as she. Let’s hear what Sam has to say. No son of mine is gonna waste his life kicking and punching! And there is no mention of a charity called the Salvation Goomers. Well, yes I am. Why at a restaurant? Goomer’s mom is coming to visit but has no idea that her son is an MMA fighter. Why does he care what his “Mommy” thinks?


Cat thinks this is crazy and takes Sam’s place by locking her up. Retrieved July 23, It’s time to begin an exercise called “Backwards acting”.

Retrieved July 14, Tandy Performer Indira G. Retrieved December 5, Sam’s decision episodr Rita to take a break from her career, and she joins Sam and Cat at their apartment, along with others, to watch a movie.

When he gets the package, he realizes they tricked him and sold him rocks instead. Your last name is Merr? That burns my beezy. Jet has to go to a scalp hospital and Dice gets the cover instead. He also warns them that they need to live with an adult.

Sam And Cat S01E09 Momma Goomer – video dailymotion

Andrew Thomas Teleplay by: Rpisode teenage boys grow this goommer Cat becomes jealous and takes it personally, so she calls Sam’s old friend Freddie. Drange, a man Cat met by a graveyard, to babysit a creepy doll he calls Clarice. They discover John Zakappa whom Goomer fought in the episode ” GoomerSitting” stole the motorcycle, and Cat handcuffed herself to Zakappa’s friend Hector. I said gimme the purse. Their daughter is champion of a dog dancing competition, and the dog is key to her routine.


Sam and Cat (2013) s01e09 Episode Script

Determined to outsmart her roommate, Cat finds two twin boys at Bots and asks their mom if she can babysit them. This is more important than class. The girls order mlmma useless items, happily receiving them even as the buggy drone smashes their kitchen window.

Too much too soon.

The crossbow-wielding star tackles some what-ifs that would change everything we know about ” The Walking Dead. And you lied to me like a Cheap rug!

However, on her first kick, Sam grabs her leg and easily pushes Nora down the well. I put him in teenage clothes, teenage glasses, and a teenage headband. She then realizes the benefits of his talent and allows him to stay in L.

Add to Watchlist Added. As the time arrives for him to go home, Lucas informs his sitters that his brother Jepson is picking him up rather than his mom. Into The Blue 3.

They lock Dice in the safe as punishment for what he put them through. Goomer’s mom visits her son and is unaware of his true profession, and Dice wants to keep it that way, so he asks Sam and Cat to help him deceive her into thinking that Goomer is a high-school teacher.

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