Glavin “Ceylon” – B. From the Dickens work, Holmes took the central plot and most of the featured characters. Best Performance by a Featured Actor in a Musical. All actors play two parts. It should be noted that the Australian cast album was performed by a largely non-professional cast and used arguably crude midi sequencing in lieu of a live orchestra. Puffer runs into Rosa in the cathedral, calling her by name.

Loosely based on Charles Dickens’ famous unfinished novel, it takes audience participation to new heights by letting them directly effect the play’s outcome by voting for whomever they think murdered the unfortunate young Edwin Drood. Holmes also re-orchestrated the production for a piece orchestra led by Paul Gemignani. Crisparkle – Crisparkle was madly in love with Rosa’s mother, and he saw Rosa as a reincarnation of her. Both of those seminal experiences would go on to have a major impact on Holmes when he was first approached to write a new musical by impresario Joseph Papp. He was arrested, but then let out because of lack of proofs. Bazzard – In an effort to boost his role in the show, murders Drood. Neville is captured, then released for lack of evidence: Rocky Mountain Repertory Theater.

Directed by Wilford Leach. Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Musical. The Chairman then lets us choose a pair of lovers from the cast members still available for such! The Chairman invites us to be as “vulgar and uncivilized as legally possible” in order for us to really have a good time, but to pay attention, as clues to the mystery’s solution appear at every turn! Some years later, as an year-old boy fascinated by mystery books, Holmes first discovered the unfinished Dickens novel.

The matter is that he suspects the man of Edwin’s murder. Nevile is almost lynched by the townsfolk before being rescued by Crisparkle. Christmas Day finds us without a sign of Drood. A short time later.

Rosa faints from the words of lusty Jasper’s song, and fiery spirit Helena Landless tends to her. Any use of trademarked terms are for descriptive purposes only.

The Internet Broadway Database. Help us by backing our great project today! Droov members come out to us in our seats and briefly explain the role we are about to play.


After Rupert Holmes wrote an initial draft that lasted three-and-a-half hours, and snyopsis it, solo, for Joseph Papp, Gail Merrifield, and Wilford Leach, the New York Shakespeare Festival’s artistic directorPapp offered to produce the show as part of the Festival also known as “Shakespeare in the Park”and told Holmes that it would be immediately transferred to Broadway if it was deemed a success.

We are then introduced to the drunken stonemason Durdles, and his assistant Deputy. The musical is interrupted on these events. Opening comments by Your Chairman, Mr. The show ran for performances not including 24 previewsand closed on May 16, Outstanding Featured Actress in a Musical.

[The Mystery of] Edwin Drood

Edwin hasn’t told the uncle about a rupture of engagement: If, although not likely, the audience chooses Jasper as the murderer, Durdles does not interrupt and a second confession is not performed Some theaters will not count Jasper votes, to make sure that there is a twist.

The evening’s Datchery either Bazzard, Reverend Crisparkle, Helena, Neville, or Rosa explains in their version of the revelation song “Out On A Limerick” why they donned the costume and tracked down the killer; the girls did it mainly to disguise their gender, Neville to prove his innocence, Crisparkle to help both Neville and Helena, and Bazzard to give himself both a dramatic reveal and an important character to play.

Crisparkle introduces Edwin and the Landless twins. Roughly halfway through the run, the title of the musical was officially shortened to Drood the name it continues to be licensed under.

Mystery Of Edwin Drood, The synopsis. However, as is noted in the script, this is merely a “bit” within the context of The Music Hall Royale – that Miss Nutting only portrays Datchery due synposis a contractual obligation for her to appear in both acts of the play. Scenery by Bob Shaw. The infamous purveyor of opium and vice, Princess Puffer?

In the following breakdowns, the acting company member is listed first, followed by the Drood role. Drood has not been found, and we meet up with two interested parties, Princess Puffer, our dope queen, and a suspicious-looking, bearded old stranger named Datchery. It is now time for the audience to decide how the story ends.


Durdles the gravedigger, synolsis, disagrees; he witnessed the crime and knows who truly killed Edwin Drood. Outstanding Featured Actor in a Musical. Most inventively, Holmes employed a novel method of determining the outcome of the play: In our little town of Cloisterham, we meet choirmaster John Jasper.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

Puffer goes in search of Jasper, but meets Rosa on the way. Choreography by Graciela Daniele.

Jasper’s confession is performed no matter who is moinfall as the murderer, and the audience is discouraged from voting for him since he is the obvious solution. Puffer finds Rosa, reveals that years before she had been Rosa’s nanny and tells her backstory edwn the song “Garden Path To Hell”; she tells of a man she loved who made her become a prostitute to please his friends and then left her.

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“Mystery Of Edwin Drood, The” Synopsis – Broadway musical

Your reply will be screened. Crisparkle – After converting to priesthood after the death of Rosa’s mother, believed Jasper to be the incarnation of Satan and killed Drood mistakenly, for Drood was wearing Jasper’s overcoat. He sings to the audience, eventually joined by the rest of the cast, imploring them to hold on to life for as long as they possibly can and telling them that ‘holding on to life is all.

It should be exwin that the Australian cast album was performed by a largely non-professional cast and used arguably crude midi sequencing in lieu of a live orchestra. Crisparkle – Crisparkle was madly in love with Rosa’s mother, droid he saw Rosa as a reincarnation of her.

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