The fighting kicks off on the Thursday following sign ups and continues for four days. Stay with JN as we get more information! Posted March 15, The prizes you receive see the Boons section below differ depending on your faction, so it can be more advantageous to join in depending on the available factions. You will receive two or four points instead of the standard one point. Looking for information on the biweekly recurring Obelisk battles? If the extra effort of fighting more battles will count toward your factions total, meaning the more you battle, the more you are helping out your team, we do not know yet. Glad you found what you needed.

Personally, I’ve been doing a lot more than just the bar every day. All other noise fades away as she whispers again in your thoughts, promising another chance to prove yourself on the Battleground. What are your thoughts on all of this madness? Rasala the Bright Order of the Red Erisim. You can fill it by doing: This must mean war. Final Invasion – Challengers.

If you click on the word reward it will take you to this page: My guild got the word to me quickly This page is and constantly will be a work-in-progress and the plot progresses. This embarrassment must be dealt with and so you are cordially invited to attend a meeting where we shall discuss the matter at length. The Battleground is a follow-up from the War for the Obelisk eventin which six factions fought over a magical obelisk that appeared in Neopia.


Did you activate your Tyrannian Scanoscopes?

Video Text Oh, please. Messages are as follows. The Sway The battle will begin soon. But they came around soon enough. I hoe I can bet the 3rd wave. Looking for information on the biweekly recurring Obelisk battles?

We won’t waste time; there’s an obelisk waiting. Something to do with scratchcards Just in hat zone- includes all head accessories.

Final Invasion – Wave Six: Then fight in a battle. Thieves Guild Looking For Trouble? Each difficulty level is a different boss level! Nothing escapes the Sway.

Part 7- Surprise Attack

Ndopets haven’t forgotten about Tyrannia. The obelisk predates verifiable history This page was last updated on April 12, You can visit the Battleground of the Obelisk to choose a new faction You have Seekers, Thieves Guild and Order of the Red Erisim to choose from over the next three days.

If it’s individual based, a lot of us seem to be stuck getting to far. Please click on each challenger to be taken to their In-Depth Battlepedia listing.

plothelp got their homepage at

Unlike the other five factions, they do not have a set list of boons to choose from. Gives the ability “Mind Blast” for use in the battledome for the duration of the boon. You will also notice that, each time you battle your opponent, their health will start off lower than in the last battle. News Post TNT updated the news with this: Stay tuned for any further developments, and in the meantime, feel free to speculate away in the comments! Another round of battling at the obelisk will begin in three days, achievekents until then you can choose sides!


Guess i got to stary doing some training. Achievements There are currently two achievements for this wave.

Somewhere in the vicinity of HP against ‘mighty’ level. Video Text It looks like you’re all having a party What achievemetns of Neopet is this? I don’t think I’d do my part if it’d be all losses and defeats – it’s too depressing, takes ages and just doesn’t seem right somehow.

No one knows what it’s for.

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