Better watch some of this before I start pontificating about the fandom. I love that episode. Sam is already out of his chair. He did some pretty good legwork here. The engaging and funny story has wonderful moments and dialogs. In each incident, a trusted employee holds up a bank and then commits suicide. They sort of call back to this in season…er…the episode when they purposefully have themselves institutionalized. A hunter, a happy positive-thinking mush-ball, willing to speak his emotions, not afraid of Sam and Dean, just as awesome as they are and he knows it.

Charles Malik Whitfield is fantastic in this role. Like Brando in the back seat of the cab to Rod Steiger: Or a bra and boy-shorts. What is wrong with me, seriously? Dean hustles Okey-Doke towards the front door, and outside you can see and hear the chaos. And Henrikson comes back in one of my favorite episodes:

You shoulda looked out for me. He has removed ALL of their gear, masks, and vests, and boots, and guns.

The Cheesehead Wall of Paranoia. I was just trying to describe my gob-smacked reaction to an in-house brouhaha, standing totally from the outside. Ron just keeps on screaming when he sees the slime he has landed in.

Nothing else, you understand? Why do we put up with such ugly action movies when this is achievable on such a tiny budget? I am slow to trust.

The cheesehead rpisode of paranoia. They plotted it out so that they knew when Agent Henriksen would exit the scene. Wow, this was an awesome, spot on review. And thank you for the praise, it really means a lot!!


Mark Watches ‘Supernatural’: S02E12 – Nightshifter

I remember when I first watched this episode I was completely discombobulated by Ronald and his wall of crazy. He has put on the gear himself. The teaser gives us the Who, What, Where, When. Today, in our more granular kitchen-sink-realism world, this type of acting and icon-making is out of style although alive and well on Supernaturalanother trust-building element for me. It is slightly adorable. Overall I am loving and agreeing with like everything you say so much that this little bit stuck out to me a lot: Or is it just so obvious that everyone sees it?

I would have gotten bored and 2. The team nghtshifter across the first victim, his throat cut. If only people could see what he sees, if only people had the information he has. He and Dean could have been real friends, I think.

2.12 Nightshifter

You, too, are very convincing as a cop. That means that every single person, every one of the six, has epislde be somehow featured in every episode.

During the siege, Ron wanders into the sights of a police sniper and is killed.

After Nightsbifter is identified by the police and the FBI are called in, it’s revealed that a detail eposode by Agent Victor Henriksen has been charged with apprehending Dean and have been chasing him since the incident with the shapeshifter the year previously. Guthrie plays it with a mixture of total lunacy and intense logic. They decide to survey the Milwaukee National Trust using the surveillance cameras to find the criminal, but Ron breaks in the bank forcing a hostage situation.


I want you and Sam sulernatural here, unarmed, or we come in. I love that episode. And it goes over like a lead balloon, and I am falling off my chair laughing.

He is clearly a night-shift guy who sleeps in the day. Ron, swept up in the accord he found with Dean, assumes he will find the same thing with Sam.

Nightshifter – Super-wiki

The only reason I even recognized the name was because of the research for this re-cap, so I feel wicked smart right now. They find out that Ron believes a “half-man, half-robot”, which he terms nightsyifter, is taking other people’s forms, killing them, and committing the robberies.

The first scene comes in and Sam and Dean are mid-investigation. He feels like a real man. His throat is cut. But it generates its own skin, it can shape it to match someone else’s features, you know, taller, shorter, male.

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