FA I agree with you on the Q being prepared for a battle with the Bakht. I had thought that too! There is also utter lack of chemistry between the lead pair. Last week it was , this is last meeting of MJ and q , what will happen now… And this week, will W ever forgive Q, MJ in trouble… what prompted this. This may take a second or two. I wonder what was negotiated for her freedom and the Khandani land?

PG akhir amoo ki karoron mein aik wali betuki baat ko bhi to sabit karna hai.. At times it seems like there is actually progress but then in the very next instant you are back to square one, with the same idea being reiterated in different words for the thousandth time. But the land goes to the Bakht. Yes, W looked very much at ease in that setting, and could indeed make a run for political office.. He was pbbly given a false identity or something. But Q does not seem to be bothered about this issue. Usman Peerzada was fabulous in this scene, and Fawad too had his brightest moment of the episode here.

That would be the ultimate act of defiance Like Like. These are the two central characters to the story and yet they seldom share the screen together. Yes, I think BS and A have a history. How insecure she is! SZ If the original movie was Khubsoorat with Rekha then it was a classic movie.

There was one scene where he was lost in thought and looked very dejected and upset. Close Window Loading, Please Wait!


I do not want Mj to leave poor W. And yes, Fawad looks bored in many of the scenes though on a side note I loved his long drawn emphatic gazes.

I really do hope he has a significant role…good luck FK for this new vunture! Notify me of new posts via email. Maybe it so in a parallel universe.

Then this still is true. He is only possessive about Mj. I have few questions about Q-Mj. That is the worst thing about epsode play; I feel completely detached from the characters.

Numm Episode 14 – And The Snoozefest Continues

I typically do not summarize episodes … but I am sure we can request our dear readers here, and perhaps someone can help out and offer to put up a concise summary of the happenings of the episode … any volunteers?? As logic and Numm do not meet ever. Winning or losing minor battles are of no consequence to this pair, both of whom are now playing to win the greater war. Too much is left unsaid which I like. In short, Numm continues to be a conundrum.

A vani freed will still be a ex-vani not a wife to the society.

Prime example of poor direction and weak narrative which renders even good actors utterly useless Drama has been too slow. May be what Q refers as his huq? SZ, any idea when the movie is coming out.

They ate more screen time than the main leads of the serial making me wonder what is the real relationship with the director these actors have. I hadnt expected that all….


Numm ~ Episode 14 Review – Desi Rants N Raves

And if anyone endured the scene, what was that about, M telling N get me a juice. Acc to Sonam the story has been completely overhauled and the only thingthat remains the same is the fact that girl brings in change in the lives of the people around her.

Her character has been inconsequential. Does she mean that her ignorance on understanding the Bhakth family has changed her life into darkness?

At times he is rude to her, at times he is gentle and caring, at times he will not answer her episodd, at times he keeps calling her.

Numm Full HD Episode 14 – GeoTv Drama 23 November 2013

But unfortunately she does not evoke any sympathy from anyone apart from official FB page. Another thing, where was Mahjabeen when Amtul died?? They just dont seem to belong together. Or where dialogues are spliced and mixed up. If it wasn’t for the play Durr-e-Shahwar she wouldn’t have started writing! All scenes involving Neelam also need to be re-assessed and edited with a pair of very sharp scissors.

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