Which is okay, was happy since it has been a little more than a month since I last seen him, he arrived 2 days ago. Wake up at 9 a. I feel bad for the futer, when he finds out his sister is full of Baby Snacks. Have added the video as well! Anonymous 27 March, The sequel for Omi is a total different post. Here is the link if you cannot find the post. Was 48kg and gained kg.

I could hear a constant blowing sound. And I’m very annoyed with her. I felt like I didn’t want to make her cry. What’s the reaction of kitazawa?????? We will not be able to update as often as we could due to work, so we are looking for people who are willing to help out with the walkthrough’s. So please have patience with me I can only do so much. Hope everyone has a fun week!! I didn’t know what to believe.

How could that be true? Sad kids make me sad. For this walk through and It’s okay i understand i have read your life stuff it was so funny My brain was like mush.


Anonymous 23 March, Though looking at it the positive way, I loose weight pretty fast, my parents always did say eat whatever you want just exercise properly whatever you eat, you have to burn it!

I can’t describe how annoying this season is: My manager is being a pain now that I am back at work! When I was starting to read Omi’s Route, I honestly did not kitazaaw to continue reading the story. Can you tell me what happen from Omi and MC confront her Maho?

Please help me, I’m really worry!!!! What am I doing here? Was she telling the truth? I know what you mean!!! Food around the world is awesome!!!

[Otome Game] Office Lover – Kitazawa Omi Season 2 (Walkthrough & CGs) | Be You-tiful ♥

It all felt wrong. Esther Ciing 29 March, I agree on your comment though not that ahead, barely in ch.

Azeera Hakim 20 May, I felt like it was an important noise. And I was engaged to this woman?

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Life can be completely chaotic at times. Anonymous 26 March, Seems all otome games recently have been turning out like that with the same cliche scenarios the ssason being with another lady. And there was something about her necklace. Which is bad for me everyone I get back around in the morning!!!


Sassie Andrews 18 May, I’m glad I read this before I got any further into Season 2. Chel Chelsey 26 March, Chel 25 February, What is this feeling and who am I?

What was extra 3 story about because I can’t decided if I wanted or not? How does she know more about me than I do? And I’m very annoyed with her. If you are interested just click the link below and will explain it in further detail.

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