Anyway, we infiltrate this castle that’s too cute to infiltrate! What’s Going on With the Planet? Retrieved November 24, New Super Mario Bros. The Thousand-Year Door [23]. New Super Luigi U [67]. Who is right beside me.

October 8, — November 18, [Note 6]. Retrieved October 30, Pikmin – Normal Ending chuggaaconroy 8 years ago. Retrieved April 13, Retrieved December 17, EarthBound – Episode I work for no man! Mario Party 3 [65].

We find the cave that could not be turned blue!

Pikmin 2 – Episode 30

Mario Party 3 N64 – YouTube”. Mother [19] [Note 1]. Brawl Wii – YouTube”.

Four Swords Adventures [77]. I work for no man!

Pikmin 2 – Episode 26 – chuggaaconroy :: Let’s Play Index

Phantom Hourglass – Episode 7: Wii Wii – YouTube”. Super Mario 64 DS [40]. I’m gonna say no, not like this!

Watch Out for Clowns chuggaaconroy 3 years ago. Super Mario 3D World [72]. His inaugural Let’s Play of EarthBound is so far the first and only game Rosales-Birou has Let’s Played twice once inthe second in to possibly coincide with the 10th anniversary of making Let’s Plays on his channel.

It’s just like America! Retrieved from ” https: Mario Party 7 [84]. November 18, — Epiwode 18, October 8, — November 18, [Note 6].


We go investigate some rumors of the Southwestern Sea! We head out to the Northwestern Sea, but decide it would be best to arm our ship first before going to the more dangerous waters!

Link’s Awakening DX [39]. To Port or Not to Port? Retrieved November 20, Views Read Edit View history. For full playlist check here: In adolescence, Rosales-Birou developed a fear of roller coasters after the Disney Thunder Mountain derailing, claiming to have been next in line for the ride. That was a great sentence, there.

Okamiden DS – YouTube”. Retrieved December 17, Pikmin 2 vs Pikmin 3 grikslona 4 years ago. Chuggaaconroy at PAX West Mario Party 3 [65]. In this episode, we return to the Distant Spring You need to login to do this.

Phantom Hourglass – Episode 6: These poor creatures give absolute obedience and dedicate themselves to whatever cause you send them forth for. However, did you expect it to happen quite this way? Mission Mode – Pikmin 3 – Smash Bros.

Pikmin 2 : Episode 33 – “the Hole Of Fat Long-legs!” Lagu MP3 dan Video Download

The big boy barges in. I might do this game someday, still need to complete it, love it! Mario Party N64 – YouTube”. Get Known if you don’t have an account.


Unfortunately my capture card cuggaaconroy to not record sound, which is a bit annoying.

We finally dock at the Isle of Gust and start our search for the Temple entrance! Kirby’s Pikmim Yarn [37]. Who is right beside me. What other Wii U games could potentially make the jump to the Switch? Shovelin’ Right Off Again! ARSN Theaters 5 years ago.

Pikmin 2 – Episode 30 – chuggaaconroy :: Let’s Play Index

Pikmin 3 Wii U – YouTube”. This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat If you have not completed the game and would like epiosde do so spoiler-free, turn back now What’s really going on here? The Second Step chuggaaconroy 7 months ago. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Uprising 3DS – YouTube”. What a real trooper!

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