Tepig manages to stay on his feet and attack with an Ember. Cilan sends out his Pansage and has it use Bullet Seed on the Fossil which causes it to fall apart, as well as produce a strange cry. Iris says that it really does look like it’s a city of art. Cilan says that the morning has a refreshing taste, as Ash says that it’s a perfect day for his Gym battle. The knight pieces itself back together, as Iris says that it’s a curse just like she said. Cilan says that it’s a subtle point, as Iris tells him that it was better than his theory. They thought about everyone’s safety and decided to postpone the opening of the treasure exhibit. Cilan asks Hawes if the mask is safe.

Hawes says that it is a replica, as Cilan says that it’s very well-made. Iris tries talking to the spirit that now possesses Cilan, asking what has caused it to become so angry. Special Thanks to Gaylen50 for writing these for us. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Best Wishes series BW Ash says that there really are strange occurrences in this world. Retrieved from ” https: Ash questions who “Dear” is when the man introduces himself as Hawes, vice curator of the museum and husband to the Gym Leader, Lenora.

Musemu says that the mask is also a replica. Iris asks the wild soul why it’s so angry. Lenora says that there is no way that would’ve been possible. Ash goes over to the glass display case, as Hawes explains it’s a mask that belongs to Yamask for it to hold, and that Yamask often appears in the ruins.

Iris says that her thinking it was a wild soul wasn’t wrong.

He says that he wishes he could do that, and that it would be thrilling. Iris gives an annoyed face when he says that. A man is shown being chased by a Dome Fossil through the halls of the museum.


He says that the swap will be with the dummy they got epizode few nigyt ago. Hawes frantically runs through the museum to the exit, as a Dome Fossil chases him. The lights went out so he turned on his flashlight. After arriving in Nacrene City and discovering that the Nacrene Gym is inside the city museum, our heroes meet a very scared man. Though Ash is looking forward to his Gym battle more than the artwork. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times.

A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! | Watch Pokémon TV

First broadcast Japan January 6, The man explains that the narcene before, he and the staff were finishing up the exhibit they were about to open up and that they finished late at night. They then head back outside and get into James’s van and take off into the night.

Cilan says that the city is called the city of art. Ash becomes frustrated and asks about his Gym battle while hitting the table, as Iris says that it isn’t the time for that. Nkght Olivia Colman ‘s delightful acceptance speech to a Wayne’s World reunion, here are our favorite moments from the Oscars.

Ash introduces himself to Lenora and asks to have a Gym match with her.

A Night in the Nacrene City Museum!

Petualangan Besar di Museum!! Oshawott is suddenly knocked off his feet when Watchog unleashes a quick Low Kick. Use the HTML below. Cilan explains that nothing seemed out of the ordinary, and Iris states that she couldn’t come up with a reason for the bad vibe she got.

Cilan is annoyed that she is saying such unscientific things again, as a dark fog passes them by. Cilan says that she is exaggerating, and that these kinds of supernatural events epixode usually a wrong impression or a misunderstanding. Behind the door is a huge archive of research papers and priceless books.


Cilan seems to stop believing this was all just mere scientific coincidences as the Dragonite begins punching the glass of the display. Cilan asks the man if he’s alright when he exclaims he was being chased by a Kabuto Fossil, though the hall appears empty. Special Thanks musem Gaylen50 for writing these for us. Cilan voice James Carter Cathcart After arriving in Nacrene City and discovering that the Nacrene Gym is inside the city museum, our heroes meet a very scared man.

It stops raining after only a few seconds and sobbing is suddenly heard coming from the next room.

Cilan asks him to let them investigate inside of the museum. English themes Opening Black and White. Back at the museum, Iris is attempting to wake up Ash after museun a strange wind when a strange mist appears.

The Rise of Darkrai! He also takes them to a Dragonite Fossil which Iris seems to have knowledge of.

It then reassembles itself and Pikachu is then ordered to use Volt Tackle which dismembers the suit of nacree yet again and releases a flame from inside the armor. Best Wishes series BW They were able to finish that same night, and Hawes was able to stay behind alone and do a final check on the exhibit.

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