After Aira and Rizumu are yelled at, Mion ends up being the one to interview. She even tries to cut off contact with Aira so that she can train and win because she found out that Sonata Kanzaki also won the Tiara Cup. Aira falls down as she enters the rink but manages to get up and perform her first Prism jump. Aira’s mom cuts in and tells Rizumu that not everyone can be as strong as she is. Mion didn’t really have fun on either date. He shows Bear-chi about Sonata’s and Rizumu’s father Ryuu’s past when they just got married. At the end, the twins decide that they want to be Pretty Top’s manager. The party starts in a planetarium where Callings sings a new song just for Aira and Rizumu.

Part two of the Dreaming Session – Ann vs. Ito hasn’t done her summer homework yet so she doesn’t have time to write a new song for the Try Grooving Session. Soon after, Aira comes up with a plan to have an Easter egg painting contest, treasure hunt and a concert. However, Kouji arrives, saying he gave the song to Kazuki, allowing Ann to continue using the song as her My Song. With the help of the flight-capable, penguin-like Lovelyn, Naru executes a new Prism Show technique called as the ‘Prism Live’. This causes Aira to buy time for Rizumu to wake up and doesn’t do her jump.

After hearing the truth from Kouji’s mother arinbow her refusal to accept their relationship, Ito is devastated.

Rizumu is upset that Aira performed the prism jump instead of her and challenges her to a dance off. She learns about how the Prism Show is not about winning but about fun which helps her to create a new prism jump called “Happy Macaroon Spin!

However, Hibiki was watching her.

Hibiki invites the 3 to go eat the parfaits which were huge. They were certain that they would win but out of all the perfect scores given to them by MARs and some other judges, only one old lady gave them a 6 out of gogoaanime The TV told everyone to wait a moment.


Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Episode 47 English Subbed at gogoanime

During this time, the President found out that Rizumu is really her greatest rival’s daughter. During the show, the old man recalls all his past memories.

The Girls’ Destiny Date” Transcription: Aira sees Rizumu not doing so well at the show and rushes in to help. Aira seems to be more hyper than usual. When Serena, Kanon and their new team mate Kaname perform, at rhytym their performance was good enough to challenge MARs but failed during their Rainbow Hurricane because Sonata seemed to have called out to Kaname, making her possessed.

After Rinne consoles Ito about what happened, she breaks into tears, while Kouji is in turmoil following their breakup. Wataru purposely stretched Mion’s cheeks and told her that she has Aira, Rizumu and Callings cheering on her no matter what, making her mad and then back to normal. Then Wataru teaches her a way to learn through dancing and she gets the score she needed just in time for a Prism Show which causes her and Aira to dance on the ice from happiness. Seeing the heart pounding scene between them made Aira feel shocked.

Otoha auditions, managing to successfully perform a Prism Live with the help of her own pair friend Femini. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Callings comes to give the girls a maid uniform.

Watch Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Episode 7 English Subbedat Gogoanime

Aira and Rizumu have begun to train when Jun calls them in to the president. The episode starts out with Aira and Rizumu practicing. Aira, Mion and Rizumu are then shown looking into the “Prism Stone” when Penguin-sensei comes and announces rainbkw present for them. When Aira and Rizumu were busy eating, three girls sneak into their room and steal all their Prism stones from their cases, a scene which is witnessed by Mion. Wakana’s mother finally tells her husband off after his nonchalant attitude toward Wakana’s Prism Show and refusal to deny the job offer and cancel the move.


Kouji agrees to write her a song, but only on one condition – Naru mustn’t tell anyone that he was the one who wrote it.

When Mion arrives at Venice, she was frightened by Jun when she came out of the airport while reporters start flocking around her. Rizumu tells her it’s love, much to Aira’s embarrassment.

Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Episode 35 English Subbed at gogoanime

Aira was getting ready to go in a short yukata which was her own coordination but ran out of time to prepare which disappointed her. They win the game and end up thinking of their own moves because Mion believes in Lie and Aira. The Callings ask for their help to create an event in the shopping mall to get the people to feel energized and happy. Mion thinks that Hibiki might have a girlfriend in Kyoto which makes Rizumu lose lretty balance.

Naru goes to the rink to perform her song but she keeps on falling down because without the Prism Sparkle, the rink can’t be ranibow. Naru becomes worried that she didn’t get June’s autograph, much to Ann and Ito’s dismay. She turns to embrace her daughter, the scene becoming a tearful reunion. The dolphin started to dance with Rizumu and completed a jump with her. In the end, Rizumu and Mion pull through but Kanon still doesn’t accept Rizumu and Hibiki because of his sneaky rainnow towards Rizumu during the competition.

Watch Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live Episode 35 English Subbedat Gogoanime

It is finally the High Heel Cup, but Aira is still in shock about how careless she was. Archived from the original on June 10, This pushes the girl too far that she rnythm to cry. Episode list [ edit ] No.

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