Many thanks to the director and actors! Very low for children, many children were standing or sitting on their parents’ lap, and still very heavy constantly evolving. Awesome, kind, emotional performance for children for adults too interesting , From the game of actors full return, everything is up to par. Actors are talented, just great! The child was very fond of 5 years. Accidentally read the review of Daria, which mentions “shot” and “13th row of the stalls. I will definitely go to other productions! Many thanks to the actors for the game!

Excellent performance of the actors, emotionally and vitally. We will come to other performances. I advise everyone to go to this play: And fans of the very old excellent film “I Love You” can be seen in the performance of Igor Sykhru, who was remembered by the film as a kind and shy schoolboy. Household and handicrafts are not for her. His heroine is Daria Ivanovna – a bright type of energetic young woman who appeared in Russian society in the middle of the XIX century. From the monologues of King Lear from time to time goosebumps go through the body.

We opened the theater for ourselves in the spring, another children’s play and decided that we would return to this theater more than once, surely Probably because the theater has a warm and cozy atmosphere. Actors play just awesome! I liked the performance.

We had the only opportunity to go to the tree because of the departure, and I am very glad that we povincialka this theater! This performance inspires nobility, that, no matter what, in each of us there lives kindness. Become a participant in the action.


Chamber scene, a wonderful play of actors. Misery in the title role. I sobbed with delight, after seeing the actor Balandin in the role of Brandakhlystova. Love for Love – Episode 4. On whatever eight rows I sit, there is always a feeling that the play is being performed for you. At least somehow color your world. From the monologues of King Lear from time to time goosebumps go through the body. Great performance – bright, with good artists, with excellent musical design. But, we looked at the classics, ticked off, no matter what.

Love for Love – Episode 4. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Historical Melodrama. English Subtitles

The theater is small, chambered, soulful. We will come again. With pleasure Provinciqlka will go to this masterpiece again! Not the first time in this beautiful theater. By the way, I will talk about it – went with my daughter several times to children’s productions, and always remained enthusiastic. Girl, where do you live? I do not like comparisons, but in this case Misery can be compared to the great Olga Nikolaevna Androvskaya.

I saw her in several performances and everywhere she is very natural, everywhere I want to empathize with her heroines. The play must be seen, and this performance deserves the love and loyalty of the public.

Провинциалка. Moscow Drama Theater “Soprichastnost”.

Now about the performance itself: I do not cease to be surprised, how the work written more hundred years ago, can be so actual and modern. Tickets No tickets 13 october thu The provvincialka of spectators pass directly, after which they hear a boorish shout from the ticket-attendant: Although in the light of the laconic scenery and dresses, one could learn the text so as not to stammer.


Loving the theater “Involvement”, did not expect to see such a decision as it seemed to me a boring and not completely understandable play for me. Thanks to the actors and the head of the theater! But suddenly he meets Her… Nina, niece of magnate Stakhovsky, immediately wins his heart during their first meeting.

In the theater were for the first time, the hall is small, the prices are provincial,a, pleasant foyer, now we will attend this theater. King Lear – plays excellently, vitally. Currently, such performances are very, very necessary.

And they dilm about you sad, laugh, complain, fight Excellent performance of the actors, emotionally and vitally. In this case, the artist Svetlana Misery.

Love for Love – Episode 4. Russian TV Series. StarMedia. Historical Melodrama. English Subtitles

There is something to think about, besides, I got a lot of emotional pleasure. Let the transition, but “Chanel”. For correct operation of our site you must enable cookies.

Come to this wonderful theater! The play lasts more than three hours – in one breath!

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