Yash asks a person sitting besides him for his cell phone. Aarti is further surprised when she addresses her as Arpita. Mansi notices Yash and teasingly tells Aarti that he was getting desperate to see his to-be wife. Aarti is puzzled on learning that Shobha and Satyendra had called Raghu to meet her. Vidhi gives credit to Pratik for convincing Yash. Aarti and her family are boarded in the second class compartment.

Gayatri calls up Shobha and informs her that they have selected a mahurat for Yash and Aarti’s wedding. Payal and Palak get happy when they see their maternal grandparents. Aarti reads the letter, which informs her about Yash’s father’s decision. After Vidhi and Amma leave, Shobha questions Satyendra why did he not allow her to inform the truth to Amma. Aarti somehow manages to get up and complete the race but does not win. Vidhi requests Shobha to bring Aarti. She feels upset as Shobha had kept the truth hidden from her. Aarti gets furious and slaps him hard.

Ansh feels happy when Yash helps Aarti and restarts her scooty.

Behnein Episode

Shobha tries to convince Aarti to accept Yash’s proposal for the sake of Ansh. Punar Vivaah – Episode 14 – Full Episode. Shobha agrees with Aarti and supports her. Yash serixl Aarti in the lawn but the duo does not speak to each other. Ansh tells Yash that he used to write letters to his earlier father too. Aarti thanks Pratik for helping her. He also asserts that he wants Yash to accept the proposal. She emphasizes that she would always remember that she married Yash only for Ansh’s sake.

Shobha tells Gayatri that pknarvivaham had informed her before that Aarti was the only episoe of her parents. Satyendra asks Shobha to inform Aarti about her wedding date, which is April 2.


Yash overhears their conversation. He vows neither to share Arpita’s name nor belongings with Aarti. Amma mentions to them that Yash was keener on a loving mother to his two daughters than a companion for him. She states that Aarti derial supposed to take the position of her daughter and so she would be addressed her as Arpita in the future.

Yash climbs up the crane to which the basket of flowers is attached and manages to solve the problem.

The other competitors, who had passed comments on Aarti, taunt her again saying that she should not compete with men in the future. She recollects the moments spend with her husband, Prashant before their marriage. Next day, Satyendra and Shobha take Aarti along with them to a mall to meet, Raghu.

punarvivsham Aarti doubts whether Yash would accept Ansh and take his responsibility. When Pratik returns home, he informs Yash about it. She also tries to make Aarti understand that Prashant would never return to her life. Aarti, however, is determined to get remarried to Yash for the sake of Ansh’s happiness. After Vimla leaves, Mansi’s mother apologizes to Shobha on behalf of Vimla.

Do Hanso Ka Joda * 25th August 2010*part2

Scindia family, except Yash, discusses about Aarti’s proposal for Yash. Punar Vivaah – Episode 12 – Full Episode. Yash’s aunt, who is a widow, overhears their conversation. Yash, on the other hand, argues with parents and refuses to accept the custom of changing Aarti’s name.

When Pratik learns about it, he expresses desire to accompany Pankaj.

Do Hanso Ka Joda * 25th August *part2 – video dailymotion

Yash’s father gets upset at Gayatri for misplacing the engagement ring. To Pratik and Panjak’s surprise, Paridi does not get angry instead requests them to play the music as seril too wishes to dance along with them.


Mansi finds Aarti upset and tries to pacify her. Aarti pacifies Palak and Payal and makes them understand that Yash would soon become Ansh’s father too. Shobha introduces Ansh to Gayatri and Mr Scindia and asks him to seek their blessings.

Pratik enquires with Yash about the girl on whom he mistakenly showered flowers. Yash gets angry at Pratik as he did not go to the airport to receive some important guests. She asks Aarti to come out with her. She adds that Yash had tried seial get close to her by touching her waist. After the police leaves, Aarti refuses to accept Yash’s help and decides to go home alone. Satyendra and Shobha get shocked when they see Aarti. Ansh runs into the AC compartment and gets caught by the Ticket Collector.

Punar Vivaaham

Mansi’s mother intervenes and stops Vimla. A furious Aarti rejects Yash’s proposal as she does not want to separate from Ansh. Aarti and Yash both want to clear out their intentions punarfivaham getting married to each other but fail. He enquires with Shobha about his father to-be.

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