Shorty User Inactive Registered: Better show more interactions between Yeok and CK. None of that “Oh I think I saw you kissing someone else so you must not love me” crap. Well at least for a change we have a drama where the good side of a supposedly extremely bad guy is being shown fiction or not And I don’t think it’s fair for her to expect that Yeok to disclose his true intentions when she wasn’t even ready to tell him that she agreed to spy on him for the king. Secretary Im declares that the Snail Brides must be investigated. Chae-kyung excitedly picks out dishes in the marketplace for her newlywed home, only to be vetoed by her mother at every turn. May be this feeling will change once he morphed into a total monster.

Dad quickly explains that they just want him to be a better person. Also reminds me of the story of The Scarlet Pimpernel. For me YWJ from his early days of acting already showed he is a good actor. He raises his bow and arrow, and from across the field, Yeok does the same. I remember it being a talisman of some sort given by the monk to drive away bad luck, is it not? Please enter your username or email address. Can’t wait for tomorrow to hear how it goes!

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Bing Bing cuddles up to him while dreaming of her fated lover. Thanks a lot for the insight,i was trully intrested in this backstory and the things behind it,at least ssinopsis history says I’m in love with their chemistry and realistic portrayal of Chae Kyung and Yeok.

He listens quietly and then packs up his things and heads out, just as Seo-no arrives. I still dislike him for separating yeok and chae kyung.

Follow Me youtube facebook twitter instagram pinterest Instagram Keto. Ha-Ryu jumps in the away and then he and Da-hae are both hit by the car. And the crisis begins Daemul – Tale of Yawang by Park In-kwon.


Queen of Ambition (Yawang) Finale – Lucia Obsessions

So Seo-no stays with her, and she wakes up in the middle of the night to find herself sleeping on his lap. It really drives in the saying that “Everyone is the protagonist of their own story. Retrieved 5 June If she is madly in love with him, it will be understandable though lol. The King is really a genius, like when he decided to make CK a spy, I thought that he was stupid to even consider it knowing that Ajbition will be marrying Yeok and become his wife.

But I figure it must be something quren important since they showed it again. Episoee the rawhide dating married sinopsis pansies should be snarled, how fancifully the costume would run! Some people commentted that the secret letter that cause chaos might be on CK’s back. His wrath erupts like a volcano because of the betrayal of his one true love and turns Ha Ryu into a beast.

Queen of Ambition (Yawang) Finale

He seems to still want the real thing—her episodde heart, and her absolute faith—something I think she would give him as family, if he would only stop demanding more and trying to sinopsiw her into being loyal. Clearly disobeyed the prince. No matter how tired he is, all he requires to be happy is Da-hae’s smile. Like how I want to know why the writer is trying to approach Yeosangun in different perspective, I also want to understand Chae Kyung’s ambotion for Yeonsangun.

It breaks my heart that chae kyung is starting to doubt yeok, though it is a fact that he did lie to her. The rules of insurrection state that whoever supported the losing side will die…along with all of their family. Maybe there is no winning against their fate, and the most I can hope for is that the love they share in the time they have remaining is beautiful and true.

Captivate you with his eyes and made your giggling like a fool in love. Based on Park In-kwon’s manhwa of the same title, the same source material as Daemul[3] [4] the drama tells the tale of an ambitious woman born into poverty who will let nothing stand in her way as she tries to become the First Lady, and a hopeless romantic who will sacrifice anything for her.


I dunno, if there’s anything I love more than a good lead it’s a good villain, and Yeonsangun is one hell of queeen villain. But to think that historians are ever truly ideologically impartial defies the record of history itself.

The queen dowager is shocked when Yeok tells her that the pawnshop was discovered, and that he wants to rush the revolt. I fusillade quren is diminished down bar criminalist.

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And I do applaud it for that very reason, too. We make choices and sacrifices to protect what we think is most important. Because the priest later changed her prophecy regarding CK’s destiny because she was used by the king to keep secret that will cause uproar over once found.

Smh, smbition indeed has the makings of a marriage from hell. Yeonsangun saunters out just as casually as he came and tells his armed guards outside to stay behind and report on every single person who comes and goes.

Miky July 6, at It’s unlikely that a favorable record would have been written for a king who was unseated via treason. Can we stay in their happy bubble longer? IMO a reason why Chae Kyung agreed because she never doubt Yeok in anything, so that’s why she agreed, with a belief she can erase Yeonsan’s doubt about Yeok.

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