Why there is no mention of “Jhok Siyal”. What about Angan Tehra, Karawan and Jangloos? I am truly amazed by the quality of ptv dramas. The late Nasheela of Ainak Wala Jin. Oh man, I may cry. Perhaps dhuwan or Chand Girhan should have made it to the list instead of ainak wala Jin

I have watched some of these Dramas repeatedly and love them as they take me back to those old days. Ruhi Bano and Shakeel. Now I have 1 beautiful wife also 2 cute kids. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value. It follows the lives of three young, happy-go-lucky friends who have just joined the army, and teaches the very important lesson of leading a purposeful and passionate life.

May be time has change, we are more greedy for money. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. A true masterpiece written by the comedy king Kh. To top that, Khuda ki Basti was also introduced on the syllabi of drama academies in Pune, India and fahain Europe.

Keep the good work.

Mar 15, Are these available on DVD’s? People from different cities and provinces would work together and speak their national language Urdu.

Such a shame that no such programmes are made in Pakistan anymore. I haven’t yet dtama across a family in pakistan who doesn’t have a similar problem and fights like this in their own homes and this is exactly what our dramas are depicting. An-kahi tops the list though, amazing script, phenomenal script!!! Story at his best, acting at his best. I think Kalyan of Farooq Qaiser should also be included in the list and people still remmber haiga and uncle sargam.

Dear reader, online ads enable us to deliver the journalism you value.

Rahain episode 15 complete PTV drama serial Twenty 4 1 years ago. I just would like to add “Dhuwan” in this list too!!! Rahein, Dhuwan, chaand girhan and few others will make in final top 20 list. A story of two friends who are complete opposites — Allan, the shrewd and immoral businessman and Nannha, the innocent and idealistic village man — had everyone hooked. Prime Minister Khan responds to Modi.


Is there any way to bring back those good old times? Mostly agree with your choice but I am most disappointed that you did not include the name of most important person, the writer Things have not changed a lot since these plays were aired years ago.

This a very incomplete list. Learn how your comment data is processed. It would be great injustice not to mention it here. Never tired of watching the old goldies on youtube or any other medium. Same could be said of bollywood movies of the past. Kiya yaad kara diya wah!

Our society has regressed Big time. In fact, the cast was invited to perform in front of Princess Diana and the patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital when she visited Pakistan in Ankahi, Dhoop Kinare can’t forget.

Today’s drama on television has no basis in our culture and country and worth nothing.

RAHAIN EP01 – PTV DRAMA SERIAL – video dailymotion

Please episoxe us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn. A fast paced story of doctors working together in a hospital in Karachi, lead actors Marina Khan and Rahat Kazmi quickly became a favorite on-screen couple the old school equivalent of Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan. Thank you for sharing such wonderful dramas information. Rahain episode 8 complete PTV drama serial Twenty 4 1 years ago.

One wonders why his ragain are ignored! It changed the way production-design was handled in Pakistani dramas. However hostorical pieces should be more researched. I miss my Pakistan of that era.


Sometime I wish I could go back in time.


However, after looking her picks and the order she arranged, it is obvious this list is compiled by someone who is either born or raised and or spent a large portion of life in Karachi.

That begs the question why don’t you go out and reclaim your country? Mar 17, No viewers can ever say that he has not watched any PTV drama due to this show. Epislde is a need for India to revisit its security policies in the occupied region. What about Karwaan caravan starring Huma Akbar I believe?

Left out Dhuaan, it keeps getting igonored for some reason. No questions about the above list, however, Angan Tehra should have been in this list as well, maybe in place of Parchaiyan.

Rahain Part 1-10 – PTV Drama HD

YOu forgot ‘Andhera Ujala’ which definitely is another classic. Ainak wala jinn was not worth mentioning in this list. My fav drama ever especially angry young man joora bhatti ka kirdar bht bht bht umda ada kia hai tauqeer nasir sahab ne he is my fav actor. Even today if you make a good serial it will be definitely accepted by people, a good eg is Zindagi Khwab na thi. All of these drama’s are worth to watch, even now sometime I search and find some like Aalif Noon on YouTube and show to my kids.

New models of development where the state invites private investors to acquire land create new challenges.

It was an adaptation of the Book “Fathers and Sons”.

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