It is not actually going forward. I wanted the real thing, so I shot in film, 35 mm, we rented the lenses from Panavision in Paris. That realization was a painful discovery. Their costumes were fabulous works of art in themselves. The friendship with Chahine soured however, and all cooperation between them ended after Feud in the Port. Did your parents have anything to do with art?

Well with Mario we had friends in common, and I knew that he was coming to Egypt. Film producers and financiers called Shawki — Malek el-Terso — or the King of the Third Class Terso is an Egyptian slang word derived from the Italian word referring to the cheap third class seats in the cinema from which the bulk of the box office takings came. Comme Louise Bourgeois, Zaha Hadid. Je comprends parfaitement, je suis comme toi. I was inspired by old movies and I always want my photography to look like images from that time period. She was only fifteen.

In an earlier trial that year, five activists, including a prominent blogger and an economics professor, were convicted of insulting the leadership, endangering national security and inciting people to protest; they were later pardoned but one of them was later deported to Thailand, and seven others had their UAE nationality revoked – a peculiarly Gulf tick that raises questions of fundamental rights and the nature of the modern state.

In an attempt to smother him, he signed him up with his own production company, Sawt al-Fann The Voice of Art and paid him a pittance.

Anything in me that seems to be disappearance serves faaten purpose of making me reappear wherever something was taken from me. Soon after, director Abbas Kamel saw her dance at a night club and was so taken by her that he quickly brought his brother, Husayn Fawzi, to the club.


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Actually I contact them personally and we do the portrait for my exhibition. From these dozen fading retouching artists in Cairo and Alexandria, Nabil learned the technique of layering watercolor onto black-and-white photos. So later on I chose the camera, it was my way of talking about my thoughts.

With the sand around him littered with the dead characters of this symbolic lost land, a last-surviving belly dancer Hayek comes, wipes his tears and reassures him that she is still alive.

To me, coloured film was something else. The fact that we both came from third world countries and we are here now?

One of the mysteries of life, I guess. He graduated from the High Institute of Acting in Egypt in I remember her perfume. It was summer haamawe went to the old Cairo neighborhood and the story was that she is this mysterious woman hiding from people on the roof of this old house next to a Coptic cemetery, stealing the drying laundry from the roof and jumping from one roof to the other.

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With his nomination for an Oscar as best supporting actor in Lawrence of Arabia, Omar al-Sharif became an international star, and for over twenty years he acted only in foreign films, with one exception, al-Mamalik The Mamelukes, by Atef Salem. How do you see the world we live in today? There is always a moment when the audience wonders if it’s you or your character. James Parry discovers how his quest for liberation is now taking him into the realm of video, with dramatic results.

So you could google through your brain, you could do everything.

I discovered as well that my country never really left me. Hmama dans un de tes entretiens tu disais “On s’en va tout le temps.

Quand je suis en avion, je regarde toujours la terre. Yes, it’s in their nature, but you’re not like that.


Hend Rostom present Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Rustom was a sex symbol of s Egyptian cinema hamaam starred in more than 60 films—largely comedies, melodramas, and crime genre vehicles—from that period through the early s. Yes, artists who became friends, or friends who are artists as well. Just talking from a different perspective, this is such an hwmama period of time.

The casting haama Salma Hayek, an actress of Lebanese and Mexican ancestry, was an easy decision for Nabil. It is something that I have always loved.

I consider it a self-portrait. He established his own theatrical group in the late s, in Cairo, and partnered his long-life friend Badeih Khairy, in adapting several French theatre hits, to the Egyptian Theatre, and later to the Cinema.

She definitely had a great impact on me as a child, when I was about twelve or fourteen years old, I used to wait every day to listen to her songs, which were played on the radio every day around 4: I watched rrgarder lot of films when I was young. I felt like I had always wanted to be an artist, but I could not find a way.

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You questioned the world and life, existence and its end. Same with my artist friends, some of them I have photographed because I simply like their work, the idea behind them. We never really had this dimension of a star before. I use the same colours, with the same degree of colour.

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