Arjun tells Tia about Ranveer’s true purpose for coming to Maurya High. Nero discography topic The discography of Nero, a British electronic music act, consists of two studio albums and twenty-one singles. Mitra is about to return to the staffroom in the middle of his class but Ranveer somehow manages to hold him back until the end of the class. Yuvi and Ranveer meet Sumeet and thank him but just as they return to their rooms, they hear an angry Mitra calling out their name. Debashish Mitra and is taken aback by Gloria’s description of him. Remix is busy preparing for their performance for the upcoming party.

Vrinda tries to leave but the opposition refuses to let her go… at this point latty steps in and tells them to let Vrinda go. Digital download — — Psycho Released: Shyla repeats her emotional drama and again wins Ranveer’s sympathy. Tia requests Ranveer to help her convince Pri to visit a doctor for her bulimia problem. Episode – Mar 16, Tia tries to arrange for the money but is unsuccessful in doing so since the amount is just too big for her to collect. Video contains repulsive violation Video contains sexual content Video is pending for moderation.

Just then Arjun enters, but, Tia saves the day by hiding the photograph from Arjun. Episode – Jan 3, Raghu and Ranveer get into an argument. He turns out to be extremely strict and immediately enforces a severe practice routine for the boys, as the football tournament is fast approaching. Digital Download, Vinyl 3 7 35 Reanimated, Pt. Meher calls up her dad but is unable to talk to him. Gloria informs the kids that Mitra has pre-poned his rounds to six in the evening as he has to go for an important meeting after that.

What So Not featuring George Maple. She tries to confront Arjun who manhandles her. Last 7 days Last 7 days Last 30 days Last Year. Tia is shocked to hear from her father that Ranvir’s dad had committed suicide!


Latty is in charge of the raffle.

Anvesha tells MP that everyone has vowed to avenge Arjun. Alienz [Kindergarten Recordings] Ashi and Yuvi who have also sneaked out to discuss some things bump into them. The woman is not his mom. Mitra meanwhile has decided to expel the person responsible for the act! While the boys go through a tough time under Shashank, the girls in the cheerleading squad also being trained hard under Sonia. Tia questions Pri on her canceling Vrinda’s name from the guest list, of the party.

Aman holds Tia responsible for Ranveer’s distress and misery. The members of Remix plan to stop Ranveer from going back. Episode – Aug 9, Aman convinces Ranveer that life has to go on.


Mitra’s behavior towards Ranvir is different now. He invites everyone to the party including Anvesha. Jumbo calls the scholarship students into his cabin one by one, to handover the appropiate subjects to them. Yashwant Dev comes to the college and tells Yuvi that he is really happy with his performance in the elections so far. Episodd It 4 the Kids Slander Remix. Ashi is very irritated and says that she is going away from here to enjoy her holidays away from all of them.

Raghu secretly informs Sumeet about the entire scenario and he comes to college to help Tia. Yuvi and Sid go to the restaurant where they were supposed to meet the person who had starobe Yuvi, but that person does not turn up. Oliver Tree topic Oliver Tree born June 29, is an American-based vocalist, producer, filmmaker and professional scooter rider from Santa Cruz, California.

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Yuvi rushes in to attend to her as she falls. Jumbo angrily tells the students that there is no such fire and that the alarm was a false alarm. What So Not is an electronic music project by Australian record producer Emoh Instead stage name by Christopher John Emersonand formerly a duo with record producer Flume.

Tia thanks Ranveer for helping her out with Pri. Mitra lays down a set of rules for the coming year. Episode – Staron 20, Ranveer tries talking to Tia, but in vain. Yuvi and Sid are having a hearty laugh after driving Ashi crazy and they proudly narrate the entire prank to Ranveer who has just etarone back to college.


Episode – Apr 19, Tia receives some flowers along with a note from someone. Episode – Dec 20, Yuvi is very upset as he was not at fault and Mitra had taken away his lucky guitar. Tia 2201 that Ranveer has sent the note to her and she confronts him about this. But all the same, he is very upset and confused with all that is happening around him.

Episod Guid : StarOne Remix

Shy tells Tia that once Ranvir dumps Tia she can have him all to herself. Notify user via Email. Member feedback about Dillon Francis: The reix of American electronic dance music producer and DJ Marshmello consists of two studio albums, one extended play, twenty-six singles, nine other charted songs, sixteen remixes, twenty-nine music videos and two production-credited songs.

Grab your self a Peanutini, sit down at a hot desk with some 2201 bread, and wibe to this one. This show will cover you like a romance explosion. Jumbo sees Yuvi’s photographs at the night club in the newspaper and scolds him for his misconduct.

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Episode – Nov 2, Ranveer introduces all his friends to 2001 mother and refuses to accept their monetary assistance! Privacy Public Private Choose whether to make your playlist public or private. Mitra’s behavior towards Ranveer is now different and Ranveer has reasons to be worried! Which kind of reflects a lot of my

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