Blue Team wins it again. GHJ was basically able to wake the sleeping dragon inside the Giraffe. The Red Team fall short but at least we got to see some Yoo Hyuk moves! In each episode, they must complete missions at various places to win the race. I can understand why Ji Hyo doesn’t picked more often, although I found myself really wishing that Tae Hwan had picked her and Jong Kook- that would have been a seriously ace team. Then the other funny part is the second game. We hear a ripping sound….

She shares the hint with Kwang-soo but neither of them are sure if it will help or hurt them. I wanna see Hak Seon Yang on a variety show! Jackie Chan chose her alongside Jaesuk. It is the first time, a guest is physically ‘bigger’ than KJK. Beefly September 9, at Watch ‘ Running Man ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

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He decides to let the Giraffe and Grasshopper off the hook anyway. Kim Yoonmi September 9, at 7: They move onto the Winter portion of the training camp at an ice rink.

She doesn’t mind mixing it up with the boys, doesn’t waste time on schtick when there is blood to mzn spilled, and always with that sweet smile. In the end, Tae-hwan snatches a third win. Is this turning into a makjang drama if Haha is his caretaker Haha: LKS had seven nametags and a heroine to protect him.


I know I would’ve liked to watch that. It’s like Kwang Soo is a pathological traitor. I wonder how Jaesuk and Haha will play it! And poor Kwangvatar – only he could end up getting his hair caught by the velcro. Please enter your username or email address.

KJK the first ever defeat by a fellow cast member. Episodes by LollyPip. They try to guess the darkened silhouette Suk-jin: I love how the staff sets up this epic marine boy vs.

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This is the most awesome episode that i have ever watched in running man. Quiet Thought September 3, at Episode 12 by LollyPip. Subtitles are on their way — hold on tight!

Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. All in all, I do hope the media gives a bit more credit to other athletes as well, it’s good to emphasise the variety of sports there are around, so that people involve more and stay healthy: And i know its the wrong place to be saying this but speaking of the military, Hyun Bin is almost back, yay!

Lee Sung Kyung Cameo. He never called her Olive. They take a break in the stairwell and the boys are in awe about how strong Hyo-jin is. Reena September 10, at 3: Back at the trampoline, Jae-suk complains to the staff that if the Olympic athletes are getting tired then how hard must it be for the staff?


Cast – Running Man. It doesn’t hurt her. They nearly lose their lead but thankfully Ji-hyo is sly enough to corner before calling the oppas over.

Kim Woo Bin Cameo. Then, instead of sulking, pursued his momentarily weaponless tormenters to bag Jae Suk.

You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Anyway if you are that obsessed with his ‘true weight’ half your comment was on it and not the ep I pray the first tv appearance by Rain after military is RM. I think because he is getting married soon so it was pretty sensitive to pair with her. But Hyo-jin will have none of that and immediately attacks back, much to their surprise.

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