He says that his status is no better than that of Sawri’s! The family is consumed with more guilt when Gurumaa informs Bhabho and others that Sawri, the girl whom they always ill-treated, is Nahar and Saloni’s daughter! Daksh finds a letter from Saloni in which she mentions that she’s leaving home so that Bhabho and others will accept Rajveer. Tara sees Sawri and accuses her of creating fights between Brijesh and her! So, the latest episode was regarding Piya, the sister of Nahar. Sawri assures Shweta that nothing has changed and everybody loves her! However, Bhabho asserts that Sawri cannot stay in the house, so Shweta protests!

Daksh mistakenly assumes Sawri to be Shweta. Everyone is happy when Shweta finally agrees. However, it’s too late as Aditya sees her leaving the discotheque. Shweta phones Narpat and asks him about Sawri. Shweta goes to her room and cries. Shweta then says that Sawri is missing, so Bhabho and Tara are worried. Bhabho asks Sawri to get the flowers, while they distribute sweets to the poor.

Sawri shows the newspaper article about his crime, so Brijesh and Bhabho are shocked! Meanwhile, Brijesh scolds Aditya for going out just when the boy and his family were going to come but Aditya asserts that he does not care about Shweta!

They then meet Kamini and Nikita, who insist that they stay back in the fair longer. The family is consumed with more guilt when Gurumaa informs Bhabho and others that Sawri, the girl whom they always ill-treated, is Nahar and Saloni’s daughter! Bhabho hears Shweta talking to Rajveer and enjoying her conversation.

On the other hand, Sawri takes her jewellery and some money to help Aditya repay his debt. Crazy Hindi TV Serials.

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Some hoodlums threaten Aditya to pay their money or they would reach eepisode house at night! On the other hand, Aman’s father advises him to keep a curb on his temper until he gets married.


Although Aman disapproves, he relents. Once the girls return home, Sawri informs Tara and Bhabho how Aman had ruthlessly beaten the man for no fault of his.

Crazy Hindi TV Serials: Drama in Saat Phere – Saloni Ka Safar

She also reveals that Sawri and Shweta are her daughters, and asks Daksh and Rajveer to take care of them. The next morning, Bhabho asks Sawri to deck up Shweta. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Lady Luck smiles at him as Sawri indeed comes to return it! They reach the temple, and so do Rajveer and Daksh. The man drops Shweta and tells her that he never knew princesses exist even now!

Gurumaa demands to know from Bhabho and others whether their son Nahar’s soul will be at peace when they have ill-treated his wife! Brijesh goes to talk to Aditya but the latter accuses the family of snatching away everything pherr him. Just then, Shweta spots Aditya Aditya Redij sitting nearby and is scared. On the other hand, the boy’s family are happy to see Shweta. Daksh tells Rajveer that he had assumed Sawri to be Shweta. When Narpat and Ambica visit the prison to inform Saloni, they are told by the jailor that all prisoners have been sent to another jail for security reasons.

However, Bhabho arrives just then with Pia. She feigns sympathy and instigates her against Bhabho and others. It’s Bhabho’s birthday and she blesses everyone. Just when Sawri is about to leave, she is confronted by Aman’s uncle. Tara and Bhabho too support Aman’s actions. The officer praises Sawri for saving everyone’s lives. However, Aman says that he wants to tell them something. Saloni asks Rajveer to call Shweta home for lunch next day. Ambica yells at her, and Nikita too requests Kaveri to calm down.


The next morning, Brijesh pacifies a dejected Shweta and assures her that nothing can change the truth that she pherd the daughter of the house.

Meanwhile, Kaveri refuses to attend Sawri and Shweta’s wedding the next day, so Samar yells at her and accuses her of imparting the same qualities in Kamini also. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Bhabho is so happy to see Brijesh back that she agrees to let Sawri stay puere. Sawri and Shweta ask Brijesh and others the reason behind their rejection but nobody answers them. Pooja warns Aman that she will not let him ruin the life of another girl!

Meanwhile, Kamini phones Shweta, pher informs her that Aditya had seen her in the disco last night. Everyone else gets to sit in the boat except Shweta.

Her husband was ill-treating her and not working, so she started working and when her brothers Brijesh and Nahar found out, they were very angry that she had not told them and had started to work. Meanwhile, Kamini comes to take Shweta out sawt boating, so Shweta insists that Sawri also accompany her. The girls return home and Shweta’s trophy falls on the ground.

On the other hand, Bhabho comes to Shweta’s room with a glass of milk, so Sawri hides under the blanket pretending to be asleep. Jhalak Dikhla Jaa on Sony Kasturi:

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