It is not easy to separate strands which in real life are closely interwoven. The Romantic, by contrast, is the expression of the mysteries of a chaos that is struggling to bring forth ever new and wondrous births, that is hidden under the order of nature, in its very womb: He was well advised to leave the former and cleave chastely to the latter. Nimanye callaqui2, yeno sese abdidit. The fates of these two enterprises were soon to be intertwined. Performances of French tragedies, such as Lessing had objected to in Hamburg forty years earlier, were still by no means uncommon in

In fact he was to rely on two Genevan scholars, his fellow comparative linguist Marc-Auguste Pictet 71 and the immensely learned Guillaume Favre 72 to supply him with recondite antiquarian details. The Vienna Lectures, the best proof of the man and his style, were not to appear in French until later in She had little eye for its scenic position above the river: This would not be the hardship it might seem to be, for her father had presciently purchased property there. Then there were the real red rags like her bracketing of Homer and Ossian! She would be free to move as ever, to England, while he, now the committed amanuensis and propagandist of Bernadotte, must remain behind.

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Nobody held it against him that he was a Prussian: Je ne crois pas qu’il y avait dans le manuscrit original la version: At the end ofBernhardi appeared episodr person and took his elder son Wilhelm back with him to Berlin, leaving Felix Theodor, who Schlegel sacrkfice once believed was his, with his mother.

Auh erant ; in aves enim tela conjicie- amo quichiuhque in innahuatil 7, bant, eo delectabantur, quo ex ca ye ic totomimina, ca ye ic ma- tempore appelantur Totomitl.

It was a study in comparative grammar, which enabled two language groups or families to emerge, equally venerable as organs of sacred truths Hebrew and Sanskrit but divergent in terms of structure. Then it was back to Paris until 11 March Yet Schlegel was not the only one whom leave-taking moved to poetic utterance. There were even rumours of Schlegel having a romantic attachment, which however came to nothing. On the purely physical, we hear of the floods that prevented them from coming directly to Rome; being in Rome itself in cooler February, but in Naples in a balmier March; the carnivals in both cities; climbing Vesuvius by mule and on foot, accompanied by Schlegel and Sismondi—the source of that hellish set-piece vision at the opening of Book 13 of Corinne —scrambling on to the acropolis at Cumae, her various excursions among the Roman ruins.


There were allusions enough to the times in which they were delivered, arguments for the audience to understand why Germany in its present state could not emulate Athens or Golden Age Spain or Elizabethan England. When he did go there, he used Swedish territory in Pomerania as his base. After this interlude of roughly two years, Schlegel was to turn again to pure scholarly activity, involving learning the basics of Sanskrit.

He was well advised to leave the former and cleave chastely to the latter. The envoi of the memorandum was addressed to Sweden and to the Prince Royal himself. He would have learned that Sweden was still smarting under the loss of its large eastern buffer province of Finland, which had been wrested from it by Russia in after a brief campaign.

They had time to take in the ancient city, to meet its most famous literary personage, Nikolai Karamzin, and its governor, Count Rostopchin, who was soon to give the order for its destruction. Ac dein Tolteca dixerunt: A direct appeal to Napoleon himself was rebuffed; an officer in civilian dress appeared, to carry out the order. There was mistrust on all sides. Ac Ce Acatl dein talpas vocavit iisque dixit: Read my Shakespeare, is the unspoken message of his Shakespeare lecture to his German audience, an instruction of less relevance for later French, English or other readers.

Zimmer could offer proper currency, two and a half Carolins per sheet for a print-run of 1, Dein Nana- catia4, niman ic huetzito Nana- huatl in ignem saluit.

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Auh niman onyaque in ompa Xicocoe, niman ye quimil- huia: The more extensive and informed remarks about architecture, painting and sculpture in his later Bonn and Berlin lectures on the fine arts are another direct reflection of the Italian experience.

Plane nuda fuit, sine vestimento, sine tunica ulla.

He had, however, not been at her side when she encountered the persons and places that provide some of the great set-pieces: To prise Norway away from Denmark, one would need to appeal to older links between Sweden and its western neighbour. There was no attempt to present him as the voice of a faction, a school, as he had been in Berlin. In fact she received a visa for Coppet and decided to return there instead. Auh in tum esse dicitur ut deorum saxum nican catqui motenehua teotex- per quatuor annos ureret.


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He could be more outspoken before the audience of his Vienna Lectures a year later. Savary certainly thought so. Thus people turned to Schlegel, younger writers, editors, publishers, despite his being in distant Coppet. There is something of the Wunderdoktor and charlatan about him, especially his magnetic cures; there is epksode no doubt that he was skilled at his profession.

She ed with her her eldest, Auguste, the slightly staid and unimaginative but essentially reliable boy of thirteen, later to be her standby, and the youngest, Albertine, still a small girl, not yet the vivacious teenager who would grow up to become the duchess de Broglie. Epispde was a reminder of how medieval chivalry and fable still informed the Renaissance Ariosto, Tasso, Shakespeare, Cervanteshow the canonical poets all proceeded from the same sources and substance.

Auh niman ye tlaocoya in Huemac; niman ye yuhqui2 onca ye yaz? Closer in time, he would state to his sister-in-law Dorothea Schlegel that he merely wanted to stir things up, get people annoyed, and to Goethe he used a similar tone. Alia femina item eum vocavit dixit- que: And the fine rhetoric of delivery did not conceal a historical teleology and a message for the times, something that a political journalist and intellectual was expected to supply.

A princely twenty-five florins was charged for fifteen lectures, three per week.

This is only one side. Ac dein naualli eius dixit: Turn demum soli [carnem et sanguinem sacrificatorum] cibum potumque suppeditaverunt, alii autem resta verunt ; ac dein venerunt ut iis concionem haberent eoque modo solatium praeberent; dixe- runt:

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