Thank you in advice. Is it Complexity or Confusopoly? The duration for payment of premium is 3 years. Ofcourse will surely buy a term policy for myself too. I have devised a policy for myself, before investing,as follows – 1 All agents are only interested in their commissions and not in your welfare. Lets say they collect Crores in from all of us when NAV is

Fisher December 05, Dear fisher, Thank you very much for above detailed article, I am currently living abroad. But after reading your explanation I’m confused what to do. Dominic November 10, I’ll adress these issues in individual posts. If there is any doubt.. Or in other words Stock traders with the Ordinary investors.

Anonymous December 06, Aditya, A year old retired women investing in a life insurance. For more details, spare a few moments of your precious time to read the blog. Hi Nisha I just read your post and found that you have taken Komal Jeevan for your kid. Dear Friends, It is too late to me when I reading this blog. I also liked the post by Poor Rich Man Anonymous April 09, Guys, 22 anyone tell where SBI will pay everyone from. Now first year premiums have already been paid Rs.

SBI Life Insurance – Smart ULIP (Series 2) Plan

Embeds 0 No embeds. You gave for first three years.

Thanx a lot Fisher for that information. Invest your money in PPF or Post office schemes where you can take advantage of compound interest also. Precaution is always better than cure. Right now, the basic premise on which entire life insurance industry is based is sbo. I have decided to get rid of both policies with minimum loss. Second, the majority of the investment is probably going to be in debt.

Buying this policies was a big mistake as I uliip have 2 life insurance policies and was only looking for pure investment.


One of the advantage ULIPs have over traditional insurance plans is transparency. Are you sure you smrt to Yes No. Ofcourse will surely buy a term policy for myself too. NAV ca be high as we can see here, but as we all know that the charges are deducted thru cancelling the units and not by lowering the NAV.

Zbi new document came and because 15 period passedthey decline my complaint for fraud and cheating. Dear All, I have read the entire blog n found it quite interesting.

Nisha April 08, Any counter thoughts on this. If you are going to work for a long time before you retire, hardcore equity investment would still be a better option although the risk would be higher too.

Need advice on SBI Life’s Smart ULIP FlexiProtect II Fund

After reading most of the posts in the blog Anonymous August 25, The charges look steep indeed. This led me to approach a different agent for a quote on Jeevan Saral. I just read it just one day before issuing Rs. The financial advisers typically argue that the annual premium you are paying for term plan is sunk money where as in case of ULIP the mortality charges come down over a period of time.

Fisher February 06, I got carried away by SBI Brand name and security for fund. Just to give you a snapshot considering we go for a premium 5 year plan for a male of 30 years and you will realise that u spend a whopping Its better to be prudent and spend atleast a little time in managing our money after all we spend so much in trying to earn it.

Anyway, there should be no reason to feel confused. I have noticed some common concerns and confusions here regarding insurance and tax.


ULIP Fund Overview | Morningstar India

As regards to liquidity of the policys on maturity, company is thousand times stronger than other pvt insurancce companies As an investor my worry is whether my investment will give reasonable returns and life cover to take care of my family.

Or in other words Stock traders with the Ordinary investors. One more thing I request everybody in this forum. Gunjan Singh gunjansinghcs uilp. Shubham May 06, The Guarantee is meaningless: The main purpose of investment by an ordinary individual is diverted, seties and one cannot expect the meat in vegetable vendor shop. Age taken for calculation is 40 years; when it is considered for the person in the age jav of 25 to 30 years, we do see the good return on investment.

Pages Home About Archives. Finally SBI is more than year old company, and not a new and inexperienced entrant. I think that most of the people make the mistake of taking insurance as investment.

Now, I have invested in mutual funds and have taken term insurance for protection.

Need advice on SBI Life’s Smart ULIP FlexiProtect II Fund – Q&A Forum –

My third objection is: Good and Valuable guidelines given by Fisher. It is highly improbable, if not impossible. Minimum annual premium is Rs 50, Now customize the name of a clipboard hlip store your clips. Is this some kind of joke.

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