February 10, at 3: Don’t play around potential AoE removals if you are running out of steam. December 31, at 2: April 28, at 6: The game plan of the Murloc Paladin is to swarm the board with Murlocs in the early game, and buff them up to deal finishing blow. August 18, at 4: It is possible that playing things like Hungry Crab, Crazed Alchemist, etc. February 2, at 5:

Set in the shattered, otherworldly region of the Netherstorm in Outland , the science-themed expansion is centered around the famous Dr. As the meta is developing, Mid-Range Jade Shaman has really not found a good place, which leaves it in tier 3. Chows, Peddlers, Imp Gangs, a Darkbomb if you expect a high-priority target e. September 28, at Murloc Paladin and Taunt Warrior can both be very punishing if they get ahead of you. Pre-ordering one of The Boomsday Project bundles. Guys, I got it. Quest Warrior, midrange Hunter and those Mages are hard matchups tho, but youre able to beat them all.

Return of the Dreadsteed! New Season, New Card Back and some shifting in the meta.

Journey to Un’Goro, Week 2 (Apr. 23, 2017)

Just something to keep in mind if you seek a replacement. This late game can really be tough for any deck to deal with, so it is important to keep track of when you need to play Elementals, especially when you hearthstoneultraa behind so a top-decked Elemental would be active.

October 15, at 7: However, it felt overly clunky having to choose each time one played a Modular card. Although Savjz managed to get top 10 Legend with this deck, Ramp Druid still seems too heavy for this meta. Its def one of the beat decks in the meta rn.

Hearthstone Meta Tier List – The Best Standard Meta Decks (February ) – Hearthstone Top Decks

Are you aware, that not all people keep spending lots of money on this game, to make sure they can play a June 13, at It was originally created as a big priest by Savjz but other names have been adopted since early September including zerek priest, OTK priest etc.


April hearthstoneultga, at 5: Which deck are you playing to be going soo good? Past the early game, you try and solidify your board control with removal cards such as Kill Command, Eaglehorn Bow, and sometimes Deadly Shot.

Since the deck’s early game is lacking, it is really hard to pressure control decks early or keep the board against aggro. January 7, at 7: Generally the most auto-piloted warriog of gameplay.

The reason this deck is doing somewhat well on the ladder is Shaman’s ability to clear boards very easily. Too often do people switch because they play 3 hunters in a row when playing a slow deck. Ancient Watcher and Humongous Razor is a way to halt aggro a bit, as they pair very nicely with effects to give taunt, and can be silenced to attack in Control matchups.

This week, we are featuring TicTac’s variant of the deck that cuts the late-game cards for more early-game options. September 10, at 6: I do agree that a kodo is really slow for an aggro deck like pirate warrior, but the inclusion of 1 extra “late”-game card doesn’t hurt the consistency that much that you need to consider putting in late game threads for some more early game.

Update: Senfglas’ Season 23 Dreadsteed Demonlock

The deck was mostly pushed out by regular Midrange Hunter, but you can still see it from time to time on the ladder. After spending hundreds of dollars and way too much time, I have yet to even reach rank Loreance 2 years ago.

The Aggro Murloc Paladin is able to overwhelm the early-game minions of Dragon Priest, allowing for a huge mid-game swing turn with Gentle Megasaur that the Priest often cannot come back from. The deck guides are written by Stonekeep, the decks themselves are created by top players.

April 25, at 2: Please update the Wild section as well. One Night in Karazhan. It is totally not worth it!

But to make a choice I would go with Elise. The idea of legendary spells came about when Blizzard wanted to capture the feeling of science and crazy inventions. One version of Modular was a type of Choose One effect which presented the player with a choice of playing the warrir as a minion or attaching it to an existing minion as an enchantment.


Quest Mage is a new deck archetype that came about with the introduction of Journey to Un’Goro, which gave us the card Open the Waygate. Dont decraft it just learn how to play with it. Hope some of this helped!

Zamos’ Thousand Armor Warrior – Hearthstone Decks

July 15, at 8: Following the initial announcement of the expansion, cards from the set began being revealed through official blog posts and videos posted by Blizzard. Set in the shattered, otherworldly region of the Netherstorm in Outlandthe science-themed expansion sseason centered around the famous Dr. Well…there were decks that recquired no skill at all.

The deck uses everything from Lightning Storm to Volcano to make sure the board is clear, and they are in no hearthstoneutlra of warrlor. March 7, at 9: Priest is not meta right now. October 4, at 7: Darius adds tempo, which the deck otherwise lacks. January seaspn, at With Power Overwhelming and Emperor Thaurissan gone, closing out games takes a bit longer, especially with Lord Jaraxxus not being able to make an Infernal the turn you play him without the Coin anymore.

September 26, at This deck aims to stall the game long enough with its area-of-effect spells and removal until it has cast six generated spells from the likes of Babbling Book, Cabalist’s Tome, etc.

The eharthstoneultra that is featured can, in theory, beat most non Ice Block decks. April 22, at 1: Zoo Warlock Zoo Warlock sneaks back into the meta after the latest nerf patch. This deck uses Acolyte of Pain to cycle through its deck so it can play the highest-cost minion and utilize its mana perfectly.

April 20, at

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