Retrieved January 8, Daniel learns of Emma and Maddie being witches. Emma recognizes Mia immediately but Jax and Andi cover it up as she just looks like someone from their school. Grachi is a Spanish language American fantasy series produced by Nickelodeon created by Mariela Romero. Desdemona says to Ramona how she’s going to destroy the magic realm to be the last witch standing. He explains he saw another one, meaning, at one point, Kanays were around that area. Season 1 aired from January 16, to April 27, , followed by Season 2 one year later, from May 6, to September 11,

Evil Emma sends Agamemnon to Limbo. Retrieved December 21, Jax meets Emma at Iridium High near the secret locker that leads to the Witches Council, Jax tells her to go in there. Daniel goes to Mia’s house, and Mia throws a fit, then she tries to freeze Daniel. Andi rushes over to Emma to keep her busy, but the food is ready. Distributed by Warner Music. Season 3 of Grachi never aired in the Philippines even though it had huge success because Nickelodeon Asia decided to start airing the English adaptation. Daniel tells Mia that Emma, Maddie, and Jax are witches, and Mia pretends to not know about it, before Daniel could say anything else, Andi tries to stall by interrupting.

The Panthers, Diego, and Gigi go out into the hall where Gigi is screaming so Maddie casts a spell to make her speak Turkish.

Jax sedie Emma at Iridium High near the secret locker that leads to the Witches Council, Jax tells her to go in there. They decide to search the park once more. Somewhere in the Everglades, Agamemnon and Desdemona appear to start looking into the continuum break.


Later, Mia makes Emma fall and cast a spell in public that makes a smoothie float, disappointing Desdemona. Solange RiveroAisha Enterprises, Inc. The T3 discover about the H2O, a duo who loves pranking as well, and they do research on the, H2O to see what they have done to some over-the-top pranks, Emma te,porada Daniel meet each other at the Seven and he sings a song to Emma. Emma tricks Maddie into giving her powers to her.

The Principal catches Maddie in the middle of spell and discovers that she is a witch. Gigi overhears and blackmails her brother into letting her come along.

Temmporada, when Ursula gets pranked, the T3 are framed for committing the prank when they didn’t. Maddie blames everything on Katie because Maddie trusted Katie to close her locker, which she did.

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Meanwhile, Diego tries to cheer Maddie up about losing her powers, but Katie convinces him to use his powers anytime Maddie casts a spell so she will think that her powers are back. Andi says how Jax might not be so bad, after he cheated at the swim competition, grahi he helped Emma out. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to convince Katie seeie Mia is not her friend. Then, Jax returns Emma’s powers, and Evil Emma gets sucked through the portal.

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Retrieved July 15, In Junethe series was renewed for a third and last season of 50 episodes, which aired from March 4, to May 10, Retrieved 11 October temporsda Mia hugs Daniel saying, “You’re my hero”. Retrieved January 18, The Principal catches the Terrible Three sneaking into the high school and makes temporxda bold decision as she decides to use them for her evil purpose.


The season ends with Daniel, Emma and Jax all getting along. Sophie and Katie go to find Diego and Jax is about to erase their memories when Emma comes in.

Temporava with the girls, Gigi starts filming the Panthers despite their disapproval. A little while after they leave, Hex brings Phillip Andi’s zombie boyfriend from season 2 back from his video game. However, when Daniel leaves, the flowers appear around the campus, revealing that Emma still has her powers. Turns out she actually does.

Jax transforms himself into a spider to spy on Emma and Daniel’s conversation, learning that Emma has not told Daniel she has her powers back.

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Later, Jax sees Emma cast a spell, knowing for sure know that she is a witch. Sdrie who’s embarrassed and The Panthers are practicing a cheer routine in their IHS cheerleading uniforms.

This is a TV special containing some deleted scenes.

Retrieved 23 February Grachi it’s Nickelodeon Latin America ‘s most successful series and one of the temporda successful series in general ever made by Nickelodeon.

At the cafeteria, Mia and Daniel are talking, yogurt spills on Daniel, and Daniel thinks its a spell from Jax. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Later, Mia walks into Daniel’s room and he is lying on the couch in danger of his life if the spider mark isn’t removed. Andi speaks with Agamemnon, so she can become a guardian.

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