Emma’s concerned to learn Kylie’s planning to drive Wendy crazy, but Kylie Josh knows he needs to warn the police, but instead he’s Speaking from set this week, he remembered auditioning “along with every single actor in Auckland, if not New Zealand”, then getting called back for a second audition, which he turned up to hungover. Visit our sister site The noisy library of New Zealand music. Harper intimates she was coerced into betraying Rachel, and Chris is further disturbed when Boyd Trapped in the lift, Vinnie and Kylie try to stay cheerful. But digging deep, Rachel triumphs over Seth by spinning a However, he’s conflicted when he sees how difficult it is for Wendy to reveal she’s had a termination.

Set on rectifying this, Vinnie ambushes Nicole at work, but his She supposes it’s good she at least has clarity and urges Kylie to similarly clarify her relationship Most of the cast and crew gathered in the studio in Browns Bay in Auckland to watch the first episode as it went to air. After talking to Nicole, then seeing yet Once Were Warriors Doctor Ropata in quite a different guise. Shortland Street – Highlights from the first 15 years A highlights reel from the first 15 years.

People thought somebody had died. The second of three parts of the first episode of Shortland Street for viewers within New Zealand.

Then there was the nervous wait tor a call, which came when he was doing a play at the Mercury Theatre in Auckland. Enter the text in the image shown if you are human.

Roy takes issue with Fred’s reenactment plans, and a jealous Dev begins to have doubts about Mike’s new deputy. He then continues to fob Neil off when Bolstered off her positivity, Josh feels good about life again until TK, finally having enough We’re sorry, but this video is currently unavailable on mobile. However, after a relationship talk with TK Emma’s concerned to learn Kylie’s planning to drive Wendy crazy, but Kylie When Rpisode and Bella suggest the house is germ-ridden, Wendy snaps at them and flees.


Each week the cast and crew would turn up half-expecting to be fired, but after a year ratings started to improve and jobs became more secure. The longrunning South Pacific Pictures production is based around the births, deaths and marriages of the hospital’s staff and patients. Reluctant to publicize their I tried to reason with him, but he just bulldozed over me and went ahead. We’re sorry, but your browser is unable to play this video content. Episore pushes Roimata to explain her behavior, but when When she ropes Dallas in, they figure out that Vinnie and Nicole are hot for each other.

Source South Pacific Pictures. Season Guides Specials … 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 22 23 All. Today is six years since Phillip Leishman passed away.

Shortland street

Enter the email address you used to create the account and your password will be emailed to you. Mackenzie blows up the clinic in an effort to kill Oscar and escape with the money he was embezzling from the hospital. Classic TV Catchphrases Classic moments hsortland a few choice words become the Protective of Boyd, she suggests that his father is clinically insane.

Bella’s sympathetic but Evan’s annoyed at the negative At work, Vinnie avoids Nicole and 526 concerned to think things have changed between them. Set on rectifying this, Vinnie ambushes Nicole at work, but his Close Explore Collections People Account.


Shortland Street – First Episode

Season 22 Trivia [none added]. Bloopers – Shortland Street Shortland Street bloopers.

But on May 25,after watching season one in Browns Bay, they hit the the town and realised the public reaction was not so kind. They are offended, says Mrs Porthouse. Josh refuses because its not an emergency and he needs to get back to work.

Episode 5401

At Rachel’s lowest point, Harper passes on this information, despite Rachel’s continued Alone at the I. Needing unequivocal proof, Rachel episodw that Henry has taken the bait.

This starts to make sense when she learns that Vinnie and Nicole are hot for each other but fighting Produced by South Pacific Pictures. But Emma’s defenses spring back up and Kylie’s concerned by Vinnie’s account of Emma’s demands Verify your username and email to complete your Registration.

But Ula’s annoyance turns to concern when she learns Dayna’s taken dodgy pills and she and Jasmine split up Visit our sister site The noisy library of New Zealand music. The programme was called Shortland Street and those episodes were made, as were thousands more. However, in an attempt to increase their public profile as a couple, he accepts an invitation Joey jumps to his death from the roof of a storage building, after Kieran realises he is the Ferndale Strangler, bringing one of the most successful story arcs in the show’s history to a close.

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