Great potential for a classic Drama, i agree that things moved slow and the ending was a big let down. TV Feast of the Gods Episode Since you have never considered me as a rival. Fate brings the two women together in adulthood to compete for the coveted position as executive chef of Arirang Restaurant, a national bastion of traditional Korean cuisine. Although she wins, Do Yoon insists she makes dinner. For a happy all round drama with a great ending watch Coffe House or Secret Garden! Kim Bo Yun Supporting Cast.

The sun is setting, and Joon Young cleans up to go home. A month since I came to your blog.. Poor JY actually,when JH let her go, she has those two meddlers. Always looking down on me! And Joon Young — the real In Joo — fortuitously works her way into a professional kitchen although she has no formal culinary training. His career will suffer greatly if he breaches the contract again by not performing in the next food event. Enclosed is a article about Lee Sang Woo. Jung Dong Hwan Supporting Cast.

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His only desire to bring Joon Young with him is to help her improve her culinary skills. Athena Sinopzis Final. They should do another drama together right after.

And keeping a eye for his next one hopefully. It was a louse ending, and I already promise myself not to watch a drama from this writer or one with SYR in it. Thanks kap for your recap. She shows Baek Sul the same ripped photo of Ji Yoon. Aku lebih menyukai Tamra The Island dari pada Iljimae. He misses her, and decides to call her, asking haughtily for a lunch box.


Pick up a rom-com please man? Anyway, enough of the writer. He sees it too. Iljmae Episode Final. Lee Min Ji Supporting Cast. Uhm Hyo Sup Supporting Cast. Will be visiting your page and anticipating your next project! To me she has no right to kick him. gofs

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

Pedang itu digunakan untuk membunuh ayahnya, seorang bawahan yang setia dari Raja. Im sure she knows his number or jane but in the end, she doesnt want to fight for him. Athena Episode Final. After he reads the article, Do Yoon drops by to see his mother.

Joon Young looks at them, remembering how sinopiss wished his hyung could get better and play with him.

In the car, she covers her head with her hoodie, meaning to hide herself from the reporters in case they get caught. No redemption for the wicked! Unbeknownst to them, In Joo watches this whole exchange at the door, her face peaceful as something dawns on her.

Son Hwa Ryung Supporting Cast. Related Items Hwang Jin Yi. It makes this drama bearable nd sometimes funny wih your humor. That tera,hir, is what Korean Cuisine means to me.

He scores the first goal and slowly loses eipsode the sinoopsis to Joon Young. I hope LSW will accept another role soon…. I enjoyed your recap, although less so for the storyline. Great potential for a classic Drama, i agree that things moved slow and the ending was a big let down. Jane leaves the two alone and Joon Young spices up his competitiveness by joining him, on the condition that the loser makes dinner.


I still despise myself for investing so much time and tears into the beanie couple. A month since I came to your blog. Jung Hye Sun Supporting Cast. The things I have seen, felt, and learned in Arirang for the past 10 years.

Highlights: Feast of the Gods Episode 31 & 32 Finale

Jane -haha she has her ulterior motives, too ever since day one. Two women grew up with food as a focal point in their lives — but one led the life the other should have had. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! In the end, In Joo accepts terakhjr seat of Master Chef. Sean Dulake Supporting Cast. I love to see Lee Sang Woo do a toothpaste commercial due to his beautiful smile.

When she tries to stab it, both the knife and the fish slip out of her grasp, falling weakly to the ground. New Tales of Gisaeng Final.

Joon Young hurries to haul a cab. Thank you for the last 2 episode. Please encourage them by leaving a comment below!

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