Diberitahu kalau posisi Shin semakin genting, Chae-kyoung langsung menyanggupi saat diminta untuk mau ‘mengungsi’ ke luar negeri. This one is a classic. When the princess left,it was so dramatic. Still, after watched the drama, read the manhwa and then rewatch it again, the plot from drama still less confusing and dragging from drama. Park Shin-hye streak 2! Ini saat yang paling memilukan, ketika harus melepas orang yang tersayang untuk selamanya dalam pelukan I’ve watched it a couple of time! Cukup sekian cerita yang gak penting ini Koreanfood Kfood Koreandrama Kdrama Ramen noodle delicious yummy bbf F4 leeminho goohyesun olddrama.

Hw did she gr pregnant.. In my opinion they are still Crown Prince and Crown Princess because the Queen Shin’s sister is not married yet to have kids of her own. I still remember them after a decade! Drama Komedi Romantis Jumlah Episode: I Love my friend Genre: Kimsohyun yooksungjae namjoohyuk leepilmo whoareyouschool schoolkdrama koreandrama kdrama drama dramakorean olddrama kimsohyun yooksungjae namjoohyuk leepilmo.

I think that this drama is one of the dramas that established the definition of kdrama.

So true for me, and so false for her! August 14, at 1: Here is my tips and advice for you. Lee jin wook vs moon chae won goodbyemisterblack olddrama.

Also liked the Shin character. Maybe I was expecting more,now that they know they feel the same way. I remember I had to watch the drama immediately again after I finished it cause it was so painful to let them go hahahhaha I sound crazy He sleeps with her that night as you hear him say are you going to do this all night.


I think about 12 to 14 episodes would have been perfect. Drama my secret romance Korean drama koreandrama mysecretromance cutebabies olddrama. Unknown May 14, at 3: KBS2 Senin dan Selasa Can she keep her identity a secret? Sometimes in life, we are the ones that cause our relationship not to work out.


Yeah I was also breaking mai head hw she is getting pregnant If you want your relationships to be a success. August 14, at Flowern Malan November 20, at 1: Cukup sekian cerita yang gak penting ini Koreanfood Kfood Koreandrama Kdrama Ramen noodle delicious yummy bbf F4 leeminho goohyesun olddrama.

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Cynthia Siegel August 27, at Park Shin-hye streak 2! I feel like I’ll be disappointed at the next one I watch Royal babies are always wonderful, even if there’s no good explanation for them! Ayuk sp yang pecinta drama Dream High.

Untuk mengatasi kemelut, Raja dan Ratu sempat menawarkan untuk mengirim Shin ke luar negeri namun pria itu punya rencana lain. They really could have developed some of the characters a lot more– particularly Hyorin, if she indeed is supposed to be a main character she practically disappeared as if she never existed in the last, what 8 episodes?? The Sport of Literal Kings. I really wanted a confrontation with Yul’s mom where the King would be embarrassed for being so easily duped and the Queen would give him the “I told you so” look.

You want to give that person every opportunity to get to know YOU. Keakraban Shin dan Chae-kyoung, kali ini untuk selamanya, membuat Yool benar-benar patah hati. I know why chae-kyung is leaving but why and where is shin going?! Namun ditengah ainopsis, Ibu Suri berusaha menghibur dan menyebut bahwa apa yang dirasakannya bakal berlalu seiring dengan waktu.


I just finished the manhwa around last year and my friend just ask about this drama again. I still have this ost on my cellphone till now Vicki Zhau Jumlah episode: The setting setting could have been in Paris,since the Prince wanted to be free as a bird.

Tune in to hear the rest. I’m watching without subtitles to improve my Korean, so it helps a lot. Honestly first time seeing this I love hw the uptight prince came to love the girl he never wanted bt I loved it.

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Did I miss any ep or wat.? Ungkapan wanita culas itu yang menyebut bahwa kebakaran bisa membuat Shin dicopot dari jabatannya kontak membuat Yool curiga, ia mulai menyelidiki kejadian yang diduga didalangi sang ibu. The first was after they made up and Shin talked about a celebration. Tiger Holland November 12, at Karen August 13, at I fell in love with Park Shin-hye with this piece and love her till now! This piece will be very different from recent dramas.

I Want you to be Happy. Nessa Rubette Orito June 28, at

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