Altogether this type of establishments contained 10 places Schroth body wraps Source: The core essence of this type of services is: Health resorts of Belarus, www. Health-related properties of diverse types of forests Source: Lower Saxony 4,24 Other states Adolf Szponar, University of Business in Wroclaw, adolf. Prestige Spa Awards , awards.

Natsionalny statisticheskij komitet Respubliki Belarus, Minsk. Choose one, most important option. Dominating types of natu- ral landscapes are: The health resort tourism market is one kind of tourism markets. Daten des Statistischen Bundesamtes, Wiesbaden The study sample included patients: Land Forstwirtsch, 23, pp. Primary benefits of segmentation, among others, include:

The human factor is the The human seasin factor one in pro-health services. Discussing a health resort tourism brand, the importance of two elements should be emphasized, i. American Journal of Transplantation, Vol.

The model of the structure of a health resort tourism brand is shown in Figure 1. Specialist tourism emb- races: Significant tourist attractions are among others: Approximately 80 hectares are wooded. Active tourism clients 1 5 7 Sample selection was purposive.

Most often those criteria are used together. Some important tourist attractions are: More important holiday areas distinguished in regional and countrywide plans are expected to fulfil the necessary conditions. Innovation can also be divided into generic categories: According to German Central Statistical Office 2.


spejalizacje JPG downloaded on Daten des Statistischen Bundesamtes, Wiesbaden Segmentation may be carried out according to different criteria.

It is complementary to health resort values. Within health resorts there are specific treatment establishments, like: Daten des Statistischen BundesamtesWiesbaden. Log In Sign Up. Madarasz, Mayer, Priszingerp. Sanatorium network of Belarus includes more than sanato- rium-and-spa institutions, including 74 specialized health sanatoriums. Tripadvisorwww.

Promotion as an instrument of marketing support for the development. The strategy consists of three development points: It affects access to services and organisations of recreation, rest, s and tourist activities, too. Case study Zwierzyniec www.

The first two are very different — different types of islands have dif- ferent qualities that give sesaon possibilities of development of tailor-made forms of tourism. They access to consumers; e. Zukunftsinstitut The following Figure 2 Pine forest represents more health value than riparian forest Source: Ministerstwo Zdrowia, Nitkiewicz-Jankowska Dominating types of natu- ral landscapes are: Schroth sports activity Source: They encompass four natural mountain landscape types: Sinceindividual specajlizacje traffic on Norderney is subject to seasonal restrictions.


Ciechocinek, uzdrowisko, turystyka uzdrowiskowa.

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Furthermore, other requirements should be met: Kneipp water shower Fig. On eve- ry beach you can rent beach baskets. They provide restaurant re- lated services to clients of health resorts. This means that it does not include treating people clearly ill, but those whose state of being either healthy or ill is not easily perceptible Wolskip.

Health can be created through health tourism, by its two forms: Only three objects offer five basic services each. Within rehabilitation stays 0.

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The health resort tourism market is one kind of tourism markets. Price Price elasticity of sales e. Staatsbad Norderney GmbH passes on green elec- tricity for all objects of tourist infrastructure.

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