He has to drink with the secretary at his company, whom he does not like, that says something. Finally he walks toward her, not breaking the stare, and waits for her to arrive at the correct conclusion. They have been filming here the last 3 Saturdays and according to the schedule should be back this Saturday. KDaddict October 23, at 8: Ivoire, I did not mean to hijack your post. By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, And while he does all this, he seems indifferent -no, amused- about the consequences. Also, that means that there are two different schools used for locations, or maybe three with CES previous school as well?

I wonder what the school feels like now. Maybe it was a writer’s lack of remembering that character. I loved the way KT “outed” himself as well. Looking at the list right now, I guess there really weren’t many good dramas produced. I also love Tan’s Dad in this episode. It’s a joke, and it’s also a foreshadowing of trauma drama to come, and reference to the high school is hell a horror show. Mom picked all the clothes, yes?

Sign In Sign Up. If that is the case, KT and KW must have gotten along at some point in the past. I think that’s what happened to Hyun Joo too. Ivoire October 23, at 8: I somehow don’t think that the chairman is as malevolent as that since his errrr concubine is obviously from a lower status as well.

I am curious about a lot of things, I don’t know if you sensed it from my list of questions.

She whirls around and starts walking away, eyes filling with tears. It was funny, dramtic, and there was tons waptz romance. For me, its story struck me as decidedly juvenile. I do think that I do understand her as well. And thank you JB for the recap.


And PSH reminds me of every other character she has portrayed before. Glad to see Eunsang stood up for herself against Rachel and Youngdo. While I was in the building on Saturday I saw a couple of extras walking around. Personally, I happen to think she’s a terrific actress. I loved this drama, haha. This is the negative side of having an excess of power and money. They had beautiful casts and beautiful sets, teddybears and songs and that’s perhaps the only things that truly made goong.

Eun Sung said “Hello Sydney” in the desert when his car broke down, saying that it was like the first scene of horror movies, after which sb would be killed.

I liked his Day-Glo Chartreuse pants! I would either get really violent, run off km again or I did think the showdown between Youngdo vs.

It seems funny to equate a Kdrama with Opera but it’s not called a soap opera for nothing. Most of them were pretty bad- but I guess I can’t really make a fair decision cause I’ve only watched a handful.

It’s at the beginning. Yeah, I think she doesn’t live there. He’s the real Lucifer amongst the Satans. What did you guys see, or interpret it as?

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Man, KT is such a good and intriguing and complexed character. I bought her as Jandi. If not that can you just give us your reviews about it, how did you find them as a whole.

Kim Myung Min just shined and rramanice that he was a worthy actor.

Korean Drama

Nobody except the cosmetic company that makes the lipsticks: The way she has done this, is yet another thing we must laugh at, but she has provided the chairman a sring and an heir, which his legitimate wife could not, thereby tossing the entire thing upside down and usurped the wife’s place, if not her standing. Probably part of why YD and KT bonded, originally.


I’ll admit though I did love Goong and My Girl– it eppisode quite dramatic at times but I was still caught up in mania. Great explanations, thank you!. Maybe the Chairman understands walz people like Eun Sang’s minds work. KT even said it himself, KW is the person he likes the most. There’s actually a typo in my original comment. I look forward to finding out more about that side of his character.

Whoever is doing their makeup needs to lighten up a bit. Mar, I think you misunderstood my question.

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I agree with you. He would have caught her if he could, so she would not break apart, as we saw her do I am going with my landing metaphor. From the ones I’ve seen, I would say Marrying a Millionaire. I really love Tan’s mom.

Love him more in this than in any of his prior projects.

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