He hands Hee-bok an envelope of money as a thank you, and leaves with a smile, but tells his lackey to look into this agency more closely. Perhaps you’re focusing on “compel” in your definition of “consensual rape”? I just can’t wait for next week! I’m totally rooting for Ryu. I find this drama to be a crazy mess right now and I have actually no idea how they will find a good ending for this His voice calls out behind her: Episode 12 by LollyPip.

Thanks for the recap. This is as twisted as Que Sera Sera was, only this is way worse because it’s supposed to be a wacky romcom, not melo like QSS was. Do you know who it was? Dear Lord, I hope they don’t pull a High Kick move. Oh, WE all know what scene I’m talking about: Of course, that was a very twisted drama, from the get-go.

Honestly, the sex thing is pretty serious but I think it’s getting a tad overblown in this case. She hesitates, and he cuts her off, telling her that he has no time for her feelings anymore, and storms out. Finally, we get to see Ryu given the opportunity to really open up his true feelings for Myung-wol!


Myung-wol the Spy: Episode 13 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

And the fake proposal at the end? AHHH can’t wait for next week.

Myung Wol gets drunk and Choi Ryu finds her and takes her home. I dunno…but in all fairness. I really like Ryu, please do not hurt him. I need to see Ryu emot more. I think the rape scene was beyond fucked up, Why go that way?

Spy Myung Wol Episode 10 Baby Recap

Thanks for the recap. For a spy you really lack some basic reasoning skills. Kang-woo cools his heels for a while and then shows up at the airport for another trip to Singapore, and sees Myung-wol standing at the edge of the crowd. So in the Ryu boat right now. Way to pull out a shocker at the end, huh?

And about the emotional blackmai You should myuung the BST scene of that kiss! His voice calls out behind her: It would be a total shocker!!!

Please enter your username or email address. Because I know disaster was impending the more kisss didn’t say anything. His character has such an awesome vibe. But I hope they’d hurry with Myung Wol’s big spy reveal like next week? Ep 8 was hilarious.


But acting as a North Korean spy?

Eric & Han Ye Seul Kiss Scene

Aaaaaugh, no Kang-woo, no! Why didn’t THEY think of that!

He manages to hulk out of his ropes and grab her as a hostage. Seriously lets be honestly with ourselves, there is a little crazy Kang-woo in all of us.

Spy Myung Wol Episode 10 Baby Recap | A Koala’s Playground

I was wrong for doing this. No one is afraid of your chainsaw anymore! When the NIS folks were spyy around, I had thought the spy part of the story would be totally awesome? What I know is: The ethics behind the scene was messed up. Thanks for the recap!

I hope the last 6 episodes keep up the intensity between the triangle.

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