This place is Brahmavartham. Details on the Ground work done before the Yathirai 1. All the tourists reached Kanpur in UttarPradesh. Sarayu river adds greatness to Ram’s ayodhya. Even if two of these four is good then it makes the listeners to sit for more than 4 hours. Perumalin Kanngalil irunthu purappattu , brahmavin manathu muzhuka ival nirainthal.

Q – Ramayanam hindustani isai la pada pattu irukuma? If we follow the basics automatically yogam and dynam kai koodum. In this series we are going to learn the moral Karuthu from ramayanam and also see the places as per Ramayanam. Sarayu nadhiyin ottamo, alaiyin sathamo alla. From here let us go inside Ayodhya Nagar and Ramachandranai Seivipom, Ramayanathil irukkum idam yevidam ullathu yendru parpom. All the rivers in Bharatha desam have deep connection to Ithihasam.

Starting from Brahma till valmiki and till Vedav Vyasar great Rishi’s have been related to bittoor. Stay for yatra people at Ayodhya Birla mandir also called as Birla Dharmasala.

Also there is a library – pusthaka bhandar which has Valmiki Ramanyanam in all langauges with many copies. Kambar Valmiki ramayanathai nandraga padithar. Ram did knew Sangeetham. Slogam – First slogam of Ramayanam to be added here Rsi Ram was listening, he started to miss Sita Sita was in Valmiki ashram. The map showed all the current places but with different name. Veda’s show the way and Vedantham talk about Sriraman. If we see the monkeys, they are free and epsiode roam around ayodhya.

Why am i born in this birth with many differences? Immediately he said a beautiful slogam – “Manishaatha”. These epizode have better freedom, probably Monkeys have pure Ram bhakthi. Is there no way where one can come out of it and get on correct padhsyil But the basics of Sanatana Dharmam is to follow individual man’s discipline as explained by the above principles. Aabhathugal anaithaiyum pokubhavan Sriraman, namakku nanmaigalai tharubhavan Emperuman Dasarathi. These help to stay together.


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We all felt as if our ponnu mappilai got married when we came back to ayodhya from Janakapuri. They learnt everything in 12 years.

It is more important and relevant for these days and this yuga to know more about Ramayanam. Perumal Kirubaiyal Kambar avatharithar. Srirangam – Kamba Ramayana Mandapam All these are true and one can understand when we see this series. Then comes Sindhu – Sindhu sama vali and the Sindhu river.

That is why in a kutchery if we listen to Thygaraja Kriti’s we are happy as if we have listened to Ramayanam. Ithihasam rendu – Ramayanam and Mahabaratham. Going on a Yatra is a type of Karma yogam 6. This happened during Natha muni’s time. Don’t trouble any living being. Papam tholainthu punniyam tharum nadigal punniya nadigal.

So we have to accept that those days people had all the shakthi’s which we think is abnormal and impossible today. They all meet during allahabad kumbha mela.

All this has happened in this place called Bittoor. Bhooma devi yin mel than naam anaivaram padukirom, thoongugirom. Panividai Panividai panividai, Kainkaryame panni kondu irukkavendum – udalal bodyullathal mindmozhiyal langauge Rama kainkaryathil idupada vendum. Krishna advised us and gave us “Bhagavad Gita” and that is nothing but all the dharma’s which was followed by HIM in Ramaavataram.

Because of the happiness that kutchery brought, the patience comes automatically. We need practical knowledge. We can also follow the disciplined path and foot steps of Ram. Rama Namam has the capability of even stopping life moving away from a body Pora Uyirai Rama namam thaduthu niruthumam Hence they say MrithaSanjeeviniyana rama namam. Sarayu has all those Sriramajayam in her. Let us try to understand Valmiki Ramayanam. During that time – the mettu azhagiya singa perumal ha ha ha nu siricharam.


It is also interesting to note tha Sita gave birth to Lav-kush on the day when Satrugnan stayed in valmiki ashram though Satrugnan was not aware that Sita was there. This is furhter explained in Ithihasa purana. When padhayik stay in one place they get attached to the place, people and this will impact the dyanam, yogam and brahmam thedum muyarchi.

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Ayodhya is the first in the list. Ram janma bhoomiyil sevithom.

Peruman yengu irukka sollugiraro angu irukka vendum. So we need to accept the existence of those concepts in those days. Pahdayil we were able to confirm theoretically on all the details that were collected from various places.

He checked and found that the slogam is perfect with respect to grammar – Yezuthu, Seer, Thalai, adithodai. Puthiyathu sollum anal poi sollathu.

Lav – kush were great musicians. Yatra 1 – Following Kaikeyi’s order he started on his next journey which was for 14 years.

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