The film had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on 23 January The father also recognized narcissistic tendencies in his wife. When presenting a strong leading plot line it needs to be followed through, at least partly. The early scenes with Lily were great – not sure who that young actress is, but I’m sure she’ll be in more movies. There seems to be some rule about a minimum of 10 lines, so i guess I should go into more detail: The character of Lily went beyond simple promiscuity.

I am really just weighing in out of obligation to try and to prevent anyone else from wasting their time. Which created a confusion while they try to focus on the main story line. Weaving is in his best role so far. Unhappily married parents who are sexually distant and estranged from each other. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Steve Robertson Bronwyn Penrith To passages of Lily’s poetry, in her voice, over aerial imagery of the vast outstretching ‘Outback’ – Lily’s fate is left uncertain

Joseph Fiennes has less to work with, but is also strong in his tightly-wound role. Trouble is stirred up in a stifling hot Australian desert town after the two children of new arrivals Nicole Kidman and Joseph Fiennes go missing Uneasy and unpleasant in many regards, but absolutely compelling and worth sgrangerland while.

I couldn’t see why they didn’t search all the buildings or anywhere in the town the children may strajgerland been hidden before they started looking in the desert. One of the finest Australian actors, Hugo Weaving, wasn’t even good in it. It is part of her power over him that she can do this without fear of reprisal from him.

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I like Nicole Kidman which is one reason I watched this movie but all I could say after watching it was that it was a waste of my time. Holes all over the plot.

Both actors are completely committed to their roles they keep you going even when the script and editing fail them. Don’t have an account? My 8 year old could have written a more gripping storyline.


Kidman tries her best to flesh out her character, but writer-director Kim Farrant gives this still-undervalued actress little to do.


Matthew discourages her from contacting anyone, as he does not wish the family’s business to once again become public knowledge. It’s one of those movies where the viewer is left to make up their own ending.

I think they’re right, and I have upped half a star accordingly.

From Maddison Brown’s performance as promiscuous teen Lili, the town of Nathgari itself and the looming shadow of the barren landscape that surrounds our characters mixed with Mvie Ciancia’s atmospheric score, all combine to give Strangerland a unique identity worthy of lead Nicole Kidman’s committed turn. Other actions just also didn’t make sense. It reveals human nature in a way that not a lot of films do, as in, people are more complicated that we give them credit for, and they act certain ways for a number of reasons that we just won’t know on the getgo.

The character of Lily went beyond simple promiscuity. I almost strangerlane review movies and I often like a tidy ending, but what intrigued me about this eating is that after scouring reviews, there were none I could find that touched on what I felt stood about about this storyline.

Not only do you not know why exactly Lilly acts the way she does, you also do not find out what happened to Lilly.

It’s not a fantastical plot. She gives us no reason to believe that she looks out for her younger brother, given that she will disappear into the box with him standing by helplessly. Michael KinironsFiona Seres. Lilly, you later find out, is merely 15 but she looks and acts much older.

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With Nathgari now eerily smothered in red dust and darkness, the locals join the search led by local cop David Rae. When Matthew found out, he beat up McPherson, earning a restraining order. I am annoyed we never find out what happened to the daughter. Set in the Australian outback, Strangerland tells the story of a family that has recently relocated to a small town that is literally in the middle of nowhere.


Minions Is Funny But Flimsy. Fiennes is an unpredictable rage machine, a product ratjng repression. It no doubt made great headway as it stood the test of the movle during the funding process, stragerland it was labeled a feminist story it even failed at that it was to be directed by a woman, it was to be set within a sand storm in country Australiana, and it even featured a smattering of indigenous characters and strwngerland law.

Strangerland starts off promisingly enough, but it just can’t decide where it wants to go, or even how to get there. Do not watch this unless you have a bucket list for the worst movie ever or indeed just want to punch yourself in the face. I found most of the drama perhaps too focused on their dysfunctional little family and characters were a bit to one dimensional at times.

A family finds their dull life in a rural outback town rocked after their two teenage children disappear into the desert, sparking disturbing rumors of their past. I felt the movie overall was strangerlanv by all involved and well-directed.

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And what about the title? Retrieved 2 April It will kill a few hours if you are bored anyway. If Strangerland had in fact had a better catch on its hook it could’ve quite easily become one of, if not the Australian film of the year but as it stands it’s going to be remembered only for a timely reminder that Nicole Kidman can in fact act and lead a film.

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