The maximum funders per European country was upped to last year, per ECN. And if this is not the case, the providers of the money get it back. Short films with higher financing targets can barely be found on the platforms, as is also the case with films from well-known or established filmmakers. Startnext itself says that documentaries with content to do with the subject of sports are especially successful on its platform. However the most wonderful and unusual perks are of little use when nobody becomes interested in a campaign or, as is far more often the case, nobody knows about the campaign. No notes for slide. They make it easy for the filmmaker, relatively speaking, to appeal to their target groups via their affinity for the specific genre or the subject of the film. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details.

The more money a funder gives, the more valuable either monetary or non-material and exclusive the thank-you is. Yet for that, classic short film dramas and comedies have a much harder time in this respect. With each euro collected, the people who submitted the project come that bit closer to their aim. In this regard, the first few days after the campaign starts are extremely important for its success. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. SlideShare Explore Search You.

By contrast, the amount of the financing targets with short documentaries, fiction and animation films is far, far lower. Visibility Strombsrg can see my Clipboard. Crowdfunding promises what the public funding does not appear to be: Leave this field empty. In the first half ofcampaigns for about 80 short film projects were conducted there, with the main group of them being university or third-level films.


Oliver Gajda, head of the European Crowdfunding Network, a lobbying org that tracks regulations and reps more than 15 outfits, says crowdfunding rules are set to change filmm the U. Advertise About Tips Contact Us. Embeds 0 No embeds. Be the first to like this.

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. The trend of this topic is to be observed in future as well as challenges and opportunities that could be used for financial institutions on a mid or long-term basis. The number of German filmmakers using crowd-funding is still very small, but with increasing media attention, ever more are turning to the method, particularly in the independent scene.

Full Name Comment goes here. The one striking aspect of this is that is seems crowdfunding is being used especially by students who are taking media studies beyond the major film schools and universities. Iron Sky Crowdfunding Projects Full Name Comment goes here.

Crowdfunding catching on with European filmmakers – Variety

Instead of aiming to attract just a few major sources of money such as funding bodies or TV stations as is usual in classic film financing, with crowdfunding many investors contributing small amounts to finance the planned film.

In a second article a year later, Kaufman retracted his initial scepticism in the face of the enormous success film campaigns enjoyed on crowd-funding platforms in the interim. Ah, yes, the sequel.


And if this is not the case, the providers of the money get it back.

The Crowd, Not the State |

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Everyday Rebellion on Kickstarter Crowdfunding Projects While stxrtnext Kickstarter, films from the fantasy and animation areas especially seem to be the most promising, at Startnext quite a large amount of documentaries can be found.

They make it easy for the filmmaker, relatively speaking, to appeal to their target groups via their affinity for the specific genre or the subject of the film.

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Are you sure you want to Yes No. Both options have their positive and negative aspects. Therefore, the principle of regionality is even more integrated in the business model. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Berlin: Crowdfunding Catches on With European Filmmakers

Skip to main content. So this would indicate that crowdfunding is used especially for short films in the low or, at most, the mid budget area. You just clipped your first slide! The proceeds from the crowdfunding are, just like any other income, also subject to the laws on income tax, corporate tax and sales VAT tax more here…. On the Bride’s Side Crowdfunding Beispiele

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