Machine Scramble Seen in episode But whoever they were, Kamen Rider Black sure had an easy time taking them down. The motorcycle would be covered in a bright light before it smashed through harder objects. Multi Eye His eyes would glow and the functions were to see monsters’ movements in the dark and to detect their weaknesses. Above pictures are Minami Kotaro’s henshin sequence. He created two feminine masked creatures known as Maara and Kaara. She also had a big hairdo in her Monster form.

The rays from the Kingstone could also teleport Kamen Rider Black to another dimension. So, the entire story was about the evil Gorgom trying to get back the Kingstone from Minami Kotaro. Sections of this page. Join or Log Into Facebook. Professor Akizuki was killed by Gorgom in the very first episode. They appeared in episode 24 and He was the result of Gorgom’s long wait in trying to revive Akizuki Nobuhiko, Kotaro’s brother. Baraom could fire electrical rays coloured red, blue and green from his fingers.

Before he became Kamen Rider Black, he was a walking grasshopper-like creature for a movid seconds before the full transformation was completed. Nothing useful done by them as they just stood at the side of Shadow Moon’s throne. Little did they know that they were going to be transformed into cyborgs for Gorgom to choose a new Creation King between the two of them.

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With the Satan Saber in hand, he could combine its powers with his own Birusaber by shouting out “Satan Cross! Hearing Seen in episode 12, Kotaro could hear the sound of a motorbike’s engine which was far in the mountains. Kuromatsu was a scientist and an active Gorgom member. Kyoko, Katsumi, and even Kotaro himself were shocked that he could break it.


Her right eye had the ability to foresee the future, as seen in episode And this time, baj was in giant form! Dynamic Smash Battle Hopper’s trademark attack.

High intense light could also come out from his eyes, also seen in episode 1. These humans were willing to become Gorgom’s monsters which could live for up till 5, years.

Kamen Rider Black

Kamen Rider Decade The Movie: Sparkling Attack Road Sector’s trademark attack and could only be performed after the Attack Shield had been raised. Therefore, he had the enemy’s logo on his body all the while. Kamen Rider Black discovered his weakness when he was fighting a Crab monster in episode Above is the Gorgom trademark logo. Nevertheless, they obeyed the Creation King.

Therefore, the High Priests came up with the idea of capturing his sister, Kyoko, to transfer her life force into him to prolong his life.

All Rider vs Daishocker. He could create a green barrier used to stop Kamen rider Black, as seen in episode 1. The Crisis Empire tried to join forces with him when they found out that he was still alive.

He also started to become more arrogant. So, we thought that that would be the last of the great Shadow Moon The rays from the Kingstone could also teleport Kamen Rider Black to another dimension. RS Computer Road Sector’s in-built computer. Used in episode Sensoring Ear The triangular structures on both sides of his head would glow purple and the function was to hear voices and sounds from far away.


Darom could still manipulate people’s movements, tossing them around at will. He went to investigate and saw Daimon Akira the person who would introduce the Road Sector training his son.

After Shadow Moon awakened, he seemed to be stronger than ever before. All 3 of them had the ability to float in the hitqm and fly around. Professor Akizuki interfered in the operation, giving the perfect mofie for both Kotaro and Nobuhiko to escape. Shadow Moon escaped at the end of episode This happened when Kamen Rider Black was about to be brought back to life with the help of the Whale monster. Daikaijin were the Daishinkan’s monster forms. It worked evertime to fend off the movif whether its the High Priests or even the powerful Shadow Moon.

Kamen Rider Black’s “Multi Eye” ability could not even help him distinguish which was the real Birugenia. After realising his mistakes, he wanted out of Gorgom but it costed his own life. He gained a new ability which was using his feelers as a weapon by transforming them into a rope, used to moviw Kamen Rider Black in episode Plasma Jet A strong force of smoke from its exhaust pipe.

Joe started to attack Kotaro before Shadow Moon revealed himself.

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