Hart walked him towards the turnbuckle, kicked the top turnbuckle and landed back onto Austin. Those who still liked cheering the good guys maybe preferred Sid to Shawn. Although Sid took his sweet time finally hitting Lothario tbh. Crush with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker as the heels kept Mero in their corner with Hunter applying abdominal stretch. Sid walked into Survivor Series with a split crowd, he left with everyone on his side – and the title. It was the story of Austin trying to end the match in different ways, but he was unable to do so. Austin made his entrance to a lot of cheers, but there some boos as well. View all TV Sites.

The face team were led by Savio Vega. Owen nailed Furnas with a great dropkick as Furnas was running the ropes. Goldust nailed Roberts with a punch followed by a chinlock. On the week before the show they managed to film an angle at a live event that saw Michaels and Johnson get lead into a three on two trap only for Sid to steam in from right of screen in a car, wipe out a load of pallets and just get there as the heels had left. The WWF at the time needed some new stars. As it was, in the battle of the move that neither man could do on the other, Sid defeated Vader via a chokeslam. Both guys struggled to their feet and Austin hit the Stone Cold Stunner. It could have been Vader in this spot, but Michaels complained about working with him, so Sid was put in this position.

A groggy Earl Hebner counted the pin…one…two…three! Hart took most of off after working so hard for over a decade surivvor much of a break while questioning if he wanted to stay in WWE. Michaels checked on Lothario again, so Sid picked up the camera and hit Michaels in the back with it.

Mero led the faces. He sends Shawn into the ropes and delivers a big power slam for a 2 count. The Undertaker was the face while Mankind was the heel. WILD, fuck Sid is oooooovvvvvvver.

1996.11.17- Shawn Michaels vs. Sycho Sid- Survivor Series

Cross body zurvivor by Rocky eliminated Crush. However, The Executioner a masked wrestler showed up to attack. The fact that Sid faced Bret in a title match a week prior to the show tells you a lot of what you need to know — the fact the buyrate for the show was the lowest for Wrestlemania by some distance says much more.


The match was likely cut short because.

Mankind nailed the running knee attack against Taker against the turnbuckle. Meanwhile Shawn was still toeing the line and sticking by his babyface gimmick. Last edited by Machismo88; at Mankind nailed the Cactus clothesline that sent both outside the ring as Undertaker landed on his feet.

They were obviously key performers the company over the next several years. Shawn’s knee surgery story along with his general state of mind at the time said to be a lot of things, few of them particularly positive – probably added up the most likely version of events.

Mjchaels was also during the period where Shawn was causing a lot of problems backstage and plans changed all the time. Jannetty was limping around the ring with some leg injury. Mero missed a diving attack outside the ring. WWE Survivor Series The summer of was, sufvivor some ways, dreadful.

He was way past his prime by this point. Jun 19, Messages: Furnas tagged in with a shoulderblock and a great dropkick for a two count. This was when the support for Austin was really starting to grow. Plus, this show also featured the PPV debut of a guy named Rocky Maivia, who ended up turning into quite a big deal raise your eyebrow as you read that.

Hart got to the ropes. Piledriver by Hart perfectly executed gets two.

TJR Retro: WWE Survivor Series Review (Hart vs. Austin, Sid vs. Michaels) – TJR Wrestling

Instead of going for the pin as more boos start to ring out from the crowd, he goes to check on the state of Jose Oh, now you gives a shit, Shawnas Jose seems to be having a heart attack. Michaels ascended to the level of World Champion in and he went into this show with an eight month title reign. The rest of the Kliq was doing the nWo thing with edginess, attitude, and realism.

Austin tripped him up and hit a slingshot move onto the Spanish announce table. They were pretty much pro Sid from as soon as the bell rang, and showered HBK with boos pretty much every time he had the chance of some sustained offense.


Austin with an elbow smash as Hart was on the table. You must log in or sign up to post here. After the elimination, Bulldog did a chop block to the left leg of Lafon. Jose Lothario was on the apron, so Sid hit him with it. The match was over at the 9: Sid set up for a Powerbomb and he connected with it. Bearer complained about how he had to be in a cage for this match. He no-sold Triple H’s pedigree at Wrestlemaniapopped a monster TV rating a couple of weeks later then “wrestled” and I use that term loosely one of the worst matches of the year — all in the space of about four weeks.

He starts clubbing Shawn’s back with big hammer fists and another big running boot to the face.

Goldust nailed Roberts with a punch followed by a chinlock. What role did Vince McMahon play? The finish was really well done because Austin went for multiple submission moves in the match.

Ranking every WWE Survivor Series main event in history

Apr 15, Messages: Well, the first man they called was Bret Hart — as you would. Sunny ripped on Sable saying she looked empty on the inside. Furnas and Lafon were left for the faces against three heels. Bret shook hands with people at ringside including Vince, who said congratulations to him. Share This Page Tweet. Delayed suplex by Bulldog as the heels continued to work on Lafon. It was the story of Austin trying to end the match in different ways, but he was unable to do so.

Survivor Series after ten years of this event. Hart with the stun gun just like Austin did earlier in the match.

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