Keith, in the midst of trouble with both his niece and his boyfriend, is forced to shoot a man in the line duty. Claire is concerned that Gabe’s overdose was not accidental and is concerned for his well-being. Edith, a cranky old woman, dies in hospice care due to Vanessa’s negligence which costs her job. Brenda and Nate continue having sex. Ruth loses her cool and slaps Claire at the wedding. Current Episode aired 15 Feb.

George seems indifferent to Ruth’s absence, but later starts showing signs of severe depression. Paul, 22, a triple amputee, takes his own life in a hospital. Four members of the Gorodetsky family are killed in a car accident, leaving behind a teenaged son with no relatives to help him deal with planning the funeral. Ruth takes an interest in her as she died without any family or friends. Billy tells Brenda he’s in love with her. David babysits for Keith’s niece after her mother disappears. He is beaten, tied up, forced to smoke crack, and nearly killed. Brenda masturbates a massage client.

Claire and Russell get closer but their teacher, Olivier, seems to also be interested in Claire and offers her a job.

Keith begins a new security job protecting high-profile clients. He is beaten, tied up, forced to episoxe crack, and nearly killed. David babysits for Keith’s niece after her mother disappears. Lawrence, 35, an avid comic book collector, is crushed to death by his own comics. Claire meets Anita in a boring lecture class. Eventually, David comes out to an accepting Ruth and a disgusted Rico. David interviews a progressive priest for a position at the church, which forces him to consider his own place within the congregation.

Carol blows up at Lisa, who quits her job forcing her family to move in with Ruth.


Nate and Brenda, who is still traumatized from the car accident, an2 some difficulties in their sex life. David goes manic, stops sleeping, and experiences PTSD symptoms. Billy becomes obsessed with Claire. His funeral causes Nate to ponder many scenarios about Lisa as he temporarily finds relief with the killer’s daughter, but she turns out to be obsessive. Brenda’s parents renew their wedding vows. Claire loses her job and Ted.

Ruth researches homosexuality and holds a dinner in David’s honor. Edith, a tailand old woman, dies in hospice care due to Vanessa’s negligence which costs her job. Do you want to remove all your recent searches? David and Keith look for ways to start over.

The Face Thailand Season 2 : Episode 3 FULL : 31 ตุลาคม 2558

Brenda continues having brief sexual encounters with men and writing about them. Lisa travels to her sister’s to give herself and Nate much needed relief. A lawsuit from a previous client backed by Kroener turns out beneficial. Weller and Jane face off against an old foe when they come face to face with Nas’s source in Sandstorm.

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David calls Keith to bail him out of jail. George starts receiving mysterious packages of feces; Ruth suspects Arthur who is so offended that he quits. Nate wakes up from his coma briefly, breaks it off with Brenda, then suddenly dies before Ruth can arrive.

Ruth goes to a faculty dinner with George and overhears more than she’d like about George’s former women; later they fight. Brenda steps up her relationship with Joe. Current Episode aired 15 Feb. Rico pushes for a talk about the business. Elsewhere, Freya, convinces Finn to bring her to Mikael, the father she thai,and seen in over a thousand years. David and Keith “propose” to a potential surrogate. She sleeps with a crematorium worker, Phil, who also plays in a band.


Claire agrees to help Billy with a project and discovers a talent for photography. David receives a delayed message from Michaela. Archived from the original on December 2, Brenda tries to deal with Maya’s confusion. While under the influence of ecstasy, Ruth dreams of reuniting with her husband, Nathaniel. Ruth attends a class to make her flower arranging less funereal after a suggestion from Nikolai. Lastly, a tahiland with Freya leaves Elijah and Klaus questioning whether they can trust their long-lost sister.

Rich Dotcom returns to the FBI when he needs help with a pressing issue. Nate and Brenda, who is pregnant, prepare for their wedding. George strangely prunes Ruth’s favorite tree to death. Maggie gives Ruth much needed relief caring for George.

The team faces a struggle when they find out that Kurt Weller might be working as a double agent without even realizing it himself. Strain starts to show in Nate’s marriage.

Claire sleeps with a something divorcee and then fights with Billy, dumping him. Brenda discovers Olivier and her mother in bed.

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Retrieved October 12, Brenda starts her internship at a free clinic. As David’s fears take over, Keith tries to protect him and the boys. Mossback who died on a tour bus after his surviving children insist that he must be driven and not flown.

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