ChunChu gives orders to go there immediately. It was all his doing. He had asked them to trust him, yet without his permission HaJong says of course, if even one witness comes forward, they are all dead. Yeom Jong asked if there is any problem with that. Kim Chun Chu said that he must meet with Bi Dam. Thank you and credits to cute girl: Then I will take care of matters in Serabol.

They are not sure of the other nobles, but I grant permission to arrest them YuShin: However, you and your faction are all obstacles to the great task. YeomJong wonders why their lordships are following BiDam. Bo Jong said that he will be coming with Bi Dam to the mine. He says the queen is very wise and she already realizes that ChunChu was shot while they were trying to silence YuChuk.

If you are ggeat to overthrow the government, you need to have a moral justification. She orders AlCheon to sneak over to BiDam and tell him not to participate in the assembly. This matter must be resolved quickly and discreetly. Are you afraid of BiDam? Kim Chun Chu enquire if Bi dam was presence at court.

Why did you not order his arrest?

BIDAM in episode 62 of Queen Seondeok

YongChun says if they move against the DaeDeung without any proof Kim Chun Chu confirms that he is indeed that person. They are spied upon by YeomJong and his men. Already rumors concerning king Ashoka have spread all over the marketplace. DeokMan YuShin says since the nobles have no private troops, arresting them should be simple.


BiDam struggles because he cannot conrol his own supporters, and he is qusen blinded by quene that he has lost his ability to perceive the future.

Queen Seon Deok assures Bi Dam that she is fine that she has over exert herself lately. HaJong is so outraged he attacks YeomJong, who is grinning.

BIDAM in episode 62 of Queen Seondeok – video dailymotion

The Ministry of Registration will relay her order to him later. Yang Gil asked Yu Cheok what has happened. ChunChu says he has a secret.

Lord Sueulbu laughs at the suggestion of staging a insurgency against the crown. BiDam asks whether YeomJong has a death wish. I also know that your love for her majesty is sincere and true. Bi Dam relay to his servant to make travel arrangement to Chuhwa County.

When AlCheon comes over, he asks to see the queen. Yang Gil said that they most likely as Dae Pung finished the sentence that they have all escaped.

With rest, ChunChu will recover quickly. I acknowledge that BiDam is not involved in this matter since it is of no benefit to him. Indeed, your skills have not rusted. BiDam recalls DeokMan pulling away. I know very well you were not involved in this affair. Lord Sueulbu agrees that by now, the Ministry of Military Affairs would have found that they are already missing.


YeomJong says they had that possibility in mind when they started this. Yeom Jong comes to add dramatics that conclude that this man is from the Household guard therefore would he be send by…. Kim Yong Chun agrees that if they needs to arrest Daedeung that they need solid substantial evidence to do so. DeokMan quarters BiDam asks to see her majesty.

Investigate them thoroughly, uncover the truth, grwat punish them severly according to national law. However, you have failed. Lee Yo Won Main Cast. If she announces that it was an assassination attempt, it is because she is determined on a course of action. HaJong says if there is an investigation, YeomJong will get caught but the nobles had nothing to do with this.

And once the assembly concludes, she asks AlCheon to secretly summon BiDam.

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