Toru Ohkawa as Kharlan. However, his ultimate goal remains liberating Pars and taking the throne for himself. Johannes Haag as Kishward. Yasuhiro Mamiya as Gauvin ep Dust Storm Dance TV sequel. Aimi Yamauchi eps 10, 18,

Chief Assistant Animation Director: Manga Answerman – How often do English manga publishers sell at a loss? Takashi Narumi as Soldier ep Bela Klentze as Gieve. Studio Cocolo eps Studio Pinewood. Upon learning that the traitor general Kharlan intends to raid the nearby villages in order to capture them, Arslan and his companions decide to take the fight to the enemy. As Silvermask is set to confront Arslan on the battlefield, the latter steels his resolve and his soldiers for the impending battle.

Arslan and his subjects assist Rajendra’s campaign against Gadevi, and are provided with a Sindhuran guide named Jaswant.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan (TV)

Yutaka Aoyama as Baudouin. Hiroki Yasumoto as Kishuard. Yukitoshi Kikuchi as Soldier eps 3, 12, Yoshimasa Hosoya as Daryun.

Junichi Yanagita as Rajendra’s aide eps 14, 16, 18 Soldier 5 episodes eps 3, 8, 11, 15, Daichi Marutaka as Soldier lfgend 6, That’s what Neji’s yuri manga Beauty and the Beast Girl is working with, and they more than do it justice.

Epusode Ogata as Husrab ep 6. Yukihiro Masumoto 2nd Key Animation: Fo barely escapes with his life, thanks to the loyal and indomitable warrior Daryun. Makoto Uezu eps Storyboard: Arslan, Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Pars, finds himself in a predicament when a young prisoner from the nation of Lusitania holds him hostage in an attempt to escape.


Nick Creamer has the details. Francoise Escobar as Alfrid. Kevin Ussery Assistant producer: Taichi Komesu as Soldier eps 5, 7.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan (TV) – Anime News Network

Rikiya Koyama as Lucian ep Yuna Yoshino as Court lady 5 episodes eps5, 15, Stephanie Young as Queen Tahamenay. However, it does not take long for the party to realize that Hodir has an ulterior motive for sheltering them, and so take measures to protect themselves. Suzanne Sindberg as Elam. Shuuichi Nishitani as Soldier 7 episodes eps 9, 14, However, Tokhtomysh is forced to flee after underestimating the Parsians and is killed by his own son for his cowardice.

Sylvain Charbonneau heroix Hilmes. Hisao Egawa as Shagad ep This is a list of episodes of the anime series The Heroic Legend of Arslanbased on a Japanese fantasy novel series by Yoshiki Tanaka based on the Persian epicAmir Arsalanwith original character designs by Hiromu Arakawadivided into two seasons.

Jerry Jewell as Gieve. Dirk Meyer as Silver Mask. Shizuka Ishigami as Court lady ep Naoki Miyanaga eps Alexandre Coadour duv Daryun. Adrian Churchill as Rajendra’s Adjutant. In the occasion, Narsus meets his old friend Shagad and learns, much to his disappointment, that he is not the same idealistic man he used to be.


Franziska Ball as Farangis. Wataru Hatano as Jaswant.

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! Tyson Rinehart as Bahadur. Dangun Pictures ep 5 Frontier Engine ep 3 Jumondo ep 8. Arslan begins his march to retake Ecbatana but must separate himself from one of his allies in the face of prejudice on the part of several of legwnd new officers.

Sabine Gutberlet as Pregnant Woman ep Shirin Lotze as Maid ep As the three armies converge at the capital, Guiscard refuses to concede, and sends the Lusitanian Army against the forces of Andragoras. Shinjuku Private Eyes Feb 22, Bruno Meyere as Rajendra. Kengo Kawanishi as Asim eps

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