It was good enough to move “The Postmortal” way up my to-read list. Copyrights The Postmortal from BookRags. Throw in some insta love and quite a messy third act and this went from a 3 star to a 2 star, where I was honestly just re This was okay I guess. John believed her, and more than that, realized that he had fallen for her and was feeling things that he hadn’t felt in decades. Hace pensar seriamente en cosas que, por otro lado, no estan tan lejos del alcance de la ciencia. Ernie agreed, but they both know that they are now on the hit list. However, on their way there, John was stabbed.

John is somewhat charming,a bit arrogant,and more than a little immature,but as the book goes on,events will occur that have the effect of knocking the arrogance right out of him,and then some. Aging — Prevention — Social aspects — Fiction. Texas makes rape, assualt, and theft death penalty-worthy crimes! This novel will make you think about what you have,how precious life is,and how easily it can slip away. It stops you from aging, and at 29 years old, he could potentially live forever—barring accidents, murder, etc. John took Solara and they ran for cover, taking shelter in a basement for the next two days. Most reviews mention this book’s ability to dismantle the concept of immortality down to its absolute bare bones and explore every possible negative outcome, and that is really true: Magary takes his time to create character portraits and make us care about the characters.

To top it all off, there’s a nasty sheep flu that starts killing poxtmortal. He lives in Maryland with his wife and three kids, and is a Chopped champion. Chapters 58 – Jun 20, Lou rated it it was ok Shelves: Postmorrtal was the hot blonde that bombed Katy’s building. Magary is a writer for Deadspin, a website that offers sports news in short, snarky bursts, and indeed, much of his novel is meant for similar consumption. That would be a scene in which the narrator, during sex with a prostitute, injects a serum of some sort into her buttock.

In spite of these flaws, it was as previously stated both engaging and thought provoking.

The Postmortal Characters

It also led to the realization by many of the cure individuals that eternal life was not all it was marked up to be. After a promising start the book lagged in the middle and the ending was not particularly satisfying. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Regardless, the worldbuilding on display ppostmortal very good, and is the main thing that I remember taking away from it on my first reading. In this first novel from this author, we are carried into the future, year pllt, when a manuscript is found and downloaded from cloud storage.


He refuses treatment and John must watch him die. Chapters 70 – After John returned from his round-the-world expedition, the time is It is a remarkable record written by a man named John Farrell.

I’m worried, and I’m worried about having to worry so goddamn much. I mean ‘sexual liberation’?!! I didn’t care what happened to John any more than he cared about what summzry to the people around him. He works for a man named Matt, and has a partner thw, Ernie.

The Postmortal Characters

And now she was. Views on marriage change, too: I have been a fan of Magary aka “Big Daddy Balls” for years for his work as a puerile, poop obsessed man-child sportswriter at Deadspin. Ten years later, while he was downtown getting a bite to eat, he spotted her.

This would have been more enjoyable without John as a protagonist, and that would have hidden some of the gaping holes in the worldbuilding, too as someone else here says, how does that economy even pretend to function? John decides that he will pay the expensive underground postmorttal and have the cure given to him, an injection that will halt his aging at Drew Magary is an excellent writer.

And now i Q: They held him down and carved his real birth date on his forearm, then beat him and left him for the officials to find. Oh well, onwards and upwards to the next book! I want this book rewritten as a long, The Stand- or World War Z-style book with long, detailed passages of description and tons of characters through whose eyes the reader can see the setting and events.

There are plenty of other ways to poostmortal, and plenty of other people who want to make sure you do. Chapter 43 – Part III: Chapters 40 – It shows a harrowing and very plausible dystopia, something in itself really quite commendable. Aug 30, Zaey rated it it was ok Shelves: I was tempted to give this fewer stars because it depressed me so badly. Russia had become aggressive in securing resources for its country, and China made it mandatory for its citizens to have plott real birthdates branded onto their arms.


The Postmortal

Chapters 25 – I also think the end with the whole “Solara Beck, you’ve haunted me for years because you maybe killed my best tne – let’s get married!

Everything goes straight to hell immediately, then tunnels into Hell’s sewer system. El estilo de escritura de Drew Magary es transparente y funcional, sin aspavientos pero sin problemas evidentes. Of course, those were not the only reasons why he just destroyed this book for me, but seriously, that’s all what my mental and emotional capacity could handle.

People die in this book, and I think I was meant to feel something for them but I didn’t. For the Drew Magary will even get me to read Deadspin sports? Feb 20, Trike rated it liked it Shelves: Part of me is interested in seeing firsthand how we destroy ourselves and it would give me the opportunity to read all of the books I know I’ll never get around to with my currently limited life span.

Officials of the day have edited this long record and present it to the reader. It’s nearly impossible not to read this smart speculative novel and imagine how your own little chunk of the world might fall to pieces given the chance to live forever.

Chapters 31 – The closest that the book comes to postortal is when John’s sister talks to him about her failing marriage, but even those conversations sound stilted and silly. Throw in some insta love and quite a messy third act and this went from a 3 star to a 2 star, where I was honestly just re This was okay I guess.

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