I haven’t had time to watch the raws, this week so this recap with explanations of what exactly is going on is a huge treat! Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Kimchi Dramas has been posting most cable dramas. Afterward, Gun-hee sits in the empty conference room and has to laugh at the ridiculousness of the failed presentation. Gun-hee dismisses that impatiently, saying whatever, just move the car. Marriage Plot —or Wedding Scheme , or Marriage Scheme , or you get the idea—premiered Monday and gives us interesting characters, quippy banter, and a surprising emotional core that grounds the show. Never thought I’d actually get a reply on my comment!! The president gives the go-ahead and then addresses his employees that although he allows his staff some freedom, he does think about how he would approach a project himself.

Still don’t have any idea how kisses can turn into one night stands. They talk business for a minute before Gun-hee reminds Kang-jae to make good on the dance. By RayAmbler7 Started September 18, Then he swoops in for a sneaky kiss. Her talent was wasted in Miss Riley but she made it work with the little screen time she had! I enjoy that Kang-jae nods and agrees with the Chinjung president, and Dad literally kicks him out of the room. She doesn’t object because we both agree that it feels like we are both the same age when we think of each other. Episode 6 by Helcat.

BlinkityDunk April 26, at 5: I would think having to work under Mr Smugass for more than a month would jusitfy a Lot of anger myself Its about What entertains you more and what you want to share with others.

She gets up first and Kang-jae scrambles to tag along, resorting to using himself as a shield in order to carpool together. Ifa Penyelam Unggul Keong: Thanks for the recap JB. In case you want to livestream: Kang-jae retorts that he can see the truth written on her face.

Niki April 24, at Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.


The cable channel has been actively courting two key markets in recent years, and in my opinion doing a pretty bang-up job at both: It wpisode convenient for all those house parties we were not-so secretly trying to hold in my wild uni days!

Ace April 3, at 8: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. She yells at eisode to move. This started off better than expected!

Haha he’s a motormouth but I love how no one ever lets him talk. D Can’t wait for it to be subbed weddiing I can watch it. I’m been looking for it everywhere too!

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By 0ly40 Started October 30, Register first use google chrome to automatically translate the site and enter a valid email address and other required information. Can’t wait for ep. How did he know wrdding Lee Kang-jae?

Handing her a card and some bags, she requests for her to help her out. Then again, maybe it’s to early to start philosophizing about their relationship. The chemistry IS leaping of this page. I agree with you about feeling a little sad that we’ve sort of moved away from seeing that much of the other boarders. Woah, woah soju comes in juice boxes now?! There’s a whole wide world out there with other writers who may be recapping so-and-so drama for your pleasure and, more importantly, there’s Google.

I wonder if the parents are doing some scheming together Kimchi Dramas has been posting most cable dramas. I guess they all know no good will come of letting him talk. Bad news bears after all. One says three months, the other two.

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Gun-hee dismisses that impatiently, saying whatever, just move the car. To answer your question, I think there are separate terms for each like mat-hyung would be the oldest brother but they’re as commonly used when addressing people.

And so another one to go on my watch list Love rain is more to look at. She breaks the ice first, asking when the engagement party is.


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He ends up moving into the boarding home when his troublemaking ways get him kicked out of home. Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb. Please continue to recap the drama of your choice cause it’s always a good read even though I will only watch some of those recapped. Vramacrazy actually looking forward to watching this once i find a site that has it subbed!

Especially when she notes that he treats her differently from other women–even if it is him being mean. By the girl who!

No better than to start now. Gun-hee stops breathing for a moment and he observes that her eyes are brown before reaching for her cheek again. At least, he’s always noticed her.

I read only comments of people who said the drama is boring, yoona is miscast. Because what kind of Mom would go on a mission to make her four single daughters shack up with single men, in hopes of bringing about matrimony?

They sit outside afterward and she chides him for drinking at work — how is she to trust him? I think watching Love Rain calls for a different mindset – you have to accept that the pace will be glacial and that the focus is on the visual components, colors and scenery being handled as a integral character in the story.

You’ll find it under ‘Wedding Scheme. And finally, they talked about having tough skin dramacrzay comes with running a high traffic site like Dramabeans.

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