Duck and Cover 27 Jul Frequently Asked Questions Q: And getting Prez to order in bulk for him—can’t knock the hustle. After some labor, the wiretap is up, just in time to catch another disappearing container. Unfortunately, this YouTube clip ends before we see Wee-Bey choke on his super-spicy sandwich. Vondas instructs Serge to dump the container and McNulty follows it far enough to make sure, but is recalled by Daniels.

It also refers to Frank’s realization that the docks are under surveillance and to the coverup measures he has to take. The Wire episodes American television episodes. Edit Did You Know? McNulty and Beadie go for a drink and discuss their past relationships. I Don’t like the Orange Ones. Northeast Market Episode eight of season one opens with McNulty out on “market day” with his kids—one’s eating a cookie, the other has ice cream, and McNulty gets a lemonade for himself. Season 2 Episode 8. This dinner teaches Bunny more about the way the kids view themselves than anything in the classroom has so far.

Even his ex-wife is impressed. Glekas and Serge unload the clean container and angrily phone Vondas at the cafe.

Duck and Cover

Snoop is posted up early, waiting for Marlo to meet Devonne and surveying the scene while enjoying some fried fish. From Burrell meeting with Carcetti, to Daniels and Randy meeting with the Judge, to Gus meeting with thhe president Nerese Campbell, we see that power lunches certainly exist in Baltimore, but they ain’t fancy. Baltimore Crabs In one of the more memorable scenes of season five, a drug-free Mcnutly sits with his sponsor, Walon, and eats a bag of crabs from his job.

They pull over one of the johns and get him to explain how to contact the madam. Louis refuses, noting the position is open because Frank made contributions and insisting that everything he has comes straight. Bag of Crabs for Waitresss. Again, food is a marker of society. McNulty has another drink at Beadie’s home but leaves when he sees pictures of her children, realizing nothing good could come from sleeping with her.

D’Angelo Takes his Girl to Dinner.

While at the bar, McNulty calls the number for the madam and sets up an appointment. They succeed, but expect retaliation. That means delivering crab cakes and beers to mcnuty officers while they wait on Wallace to show up. Here, we break down the 25 most memorable food-centric scenes in the series.


Edit Did You Know? Behold witress power of the Quarter Pounder. Lake Trout Season four has Jimmy looking like he has his act together—no drinking, no womanizing, and coming home to Beadie and the kids at night. Pearlman meets with Bunk and Greggs and learns that the same company owns both the warehouse and the apartments, which they speculate are being used as a cat house.

This time the surveillance work runs in combination with the wiretaps and mnculty detail tracks the container to the warehouse. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Like Wee-Bey and his pit beef, people on the show feel strongly cmnulty the way their lake trout is prepared, and what they are drinking it with. Frank goes to pay his overdue cell phone bill and learns that his account is “flagged” to not be cut off—a possible clue that law enforcement is monitoring his activity.

Bunk, seeing McNulty’s desperation, talks Daniels into asking for him. Daniels is persuaded to appeal to Rawls to allow McNulty’s transfer to the Sobotka detail, which Rawls reluctantly does.

He enlists the kids to play a game called front and follow —a police tactic used to track suspects—and they do a bang-up job. Your local fish joint says everything about where you’re from, and the show often uses food as a seawon of neighborhoods and class divides. Bunk and the team get a confession out of young suspect using only a bag of Mickey D’s and a copy machine. Russell ‘Stringer’ Bell credit only Wood Harris When Frank sends out a second container as a decoyMcNulty rushes to tail it.

When Horseface reports the fight to Frank, he is too distracted by their month-end finances. The more watiress order means going for The Works — a Polish dog with special sauce—rather than the Everything, which Bunny opted for. Edit Cast Episode cast overview, first billed only: You know those little corner joints in the ghetto that sell tue, fried chicken, lake trout?

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A conversation about lake trout is loaded with metaphor, as Bunk describes the Baltimore classic as being neither from a lake, nor made awitress trout. Pearlman is shown how phone logs and photographic evidence link Glekas ‘ warehouse to White Mike and Proposition Joe. The conversation is raunchy as usual, about catching another kind of crab in the murder police unit. The necessity of food brings the two together, all while painting a scene of a humble Baltimore lunch spot. The restaurant gives them a new space to interact outside of the interrogation room, and it seems that choosing the same place for lunch initiates a sort of understanding wirw continues to be built upon.


Frank wird infuriated that Louis has a sense of moral superiority over his choices. Duck and Cover 27 Jul After a nice dinner with the new family, the guys find their way down to their old drinking spot by the train tracks.

His attempt ends with Ziggy stranded atop a two-story container. Faidley’s Crab Cakes for mculty Boys. They meet for a few hot dogs at Polock Johnny’s, a Baltimore institution sincebut the Deacon won’t touch the stuff. McNulty and Beadie go for a drink and discuss their past relationships.

The scene is one similar to that of D’Angelo’s in the first season, demonstrating how uncomfortable the children are outside of their familiar surroundings. That’s right when Avon rolls by. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

He sends out the decoy container and waitrrss it being stopped. Duck and Cover 27 Jul 8. Too bad the lady he wakes up with in the morning is definitely not the chick his beer goggles painted the night before.

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Beadie arranges to slow down the rig with a fictitious traffic stop until McNulty can get into position. You must be a seasin user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Like egg creams in New York. This is seasom second time that lunch brings the two together not as cat and mouse, but as two men who respect each other.

These run-ins with the law are commonplace for the corner hustlers, and Little Kevin’s focus on snacking shows just how unfazed he is.

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