Does Gintama get more serious later on in the show? Anyways, looking forward to a new thread, will be more active for this one. Jaw actually hit the ground. In an effort to get more folks reading manga, I will provide recommendations on 5 mangas that newer or experienced brahs can jump on. Been watching Shigurui lately http: The greatest beauty pales in comparison before Uchiha aesthetics. I don’t know if anime can ever fill the void of excitement that the Olympics has brought to me each time. No doubt I would enjoy it like Fairy Tail and Bleach, but doubt it would become top tier for me.

Kuroko no Baske 2: What’s up Dave P. Moved to Vegas, then forgot all about it. Second was in Uzumaki hint hint. Would watch those when I visited as a kid. Great story overall though!

Toriko is easily as good if not better than OP and Naruto depending on who you ask and what you’re looking for in a shounen.

Game of Thrones about to come out as well. It’s interesting tokyyo far Welp, looks like I’m gonna have to watch Tokyo Ravens. It definitely has the best character development of the Big 3, it’s awesome watching Naruto grow up from a loud obnoxious weak kid with big dreams to becoming an older, stronger teenager who can make a difference.

Gangsta Nation Long time no see, is this where you’ve been hiding? The trailer I loveymanime made it seem like rabens was gonna be about a hard boiled female detective, with cops and guns and all that, hunting wizards. But yeah, almost guaranteed to be more seasons upcoming, probably next year.


Also I’ve always wanted to make the post I put up in the first page so one of you better appreciate it.

Kinda chilled out with lots of dialogue about random stuff. I need more Attack on Tkyo to hold me over until the next season.

Also, Naruto manga is going hard right now, def pick it up. HxH is a vast improvement over thethe fact that the is a more true manga adaptation and it shows more gore is also a big plus. Gintama is an all in one anime. Cynic’s ban got extended to a permanent ban today is a gud day bros What? One of my favorite romance stories between a HS student and his year old teacher.

If it went away now I’d neck myself. Overall, unlike other shonen anime that focus on fighting with comedy on the side Gintama is the opposite. I remember my first impression of Naruto was that it was some kind of DBZ ripoff too No doubt I would enjoy it like Fairy Tail and Bleach, but doubt it would become top tier for me.

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Rock sliding back to irrelevance. OP manga is worth it. Banned for a month and miss out on the collab pics by like hours and nobody asked about me. Will rep if someone puts “soon” in this picture [img]http: On the flip side, been awhile since I’ve had 3 stacked episodes of Kingdom to watch Oh yeah btw new Kingdom episode is out. Spot sold too Jubei http: Took away from feels and made it feel like they tried to smush too much into one episode imo.


Been busy trying to get through the struggles lol. Last thread still had some space to move? A lot of comedy and lulz and great relationship development.

Almost every female character has bigish boobs and a low cut shirt. I’m only watching it for you.

Tokyo Ravens – 10

Long time no see, is this where you’ve been hiding? Chapter 52 I think But I srsly got chills at that one Titan Eepisode think I know which one you were talking about, the exceptionally abnormal one, right? Heard Space Dandy is random as balllls. She will undoubtedly be upset with me.

Tokyo Ravens – 10 – Dailymotion Video

My biggest gripes with the first movie is it CLEARLY imo feels rushed at various parts idk if someone who’s never seen the original Eva would notice but I most certainly did throughout.

No new chapters out: These tend to be slightly more serious but comedy is still the biggest focus. Shouko so fuking kawaii. MFW 13 minutes into new Space Dandy http:

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